Blog Post #2: Putting Yourself First!

With the holidays approaching, many of us will be able to have free time to spend with family and friends. While others may not be able to, I encourage you not only to enjoy yourself with family and friends but to make alone time for yourself before the New Year. Stereotypically, everyone makes goals and establishes a “fresh start” with every new year, but regardless of how stereotypical that sounds, it really is a mechanism that can change you. Being in the comfort of an environment that provides you with peace of mind, relaxation, and no worries, is a place where you will be most effective to brainstorm and allow creative thoughts and abilities to flow smoothly. When you are in your ideal environment, I want you to think about what you think your current life is lacking. Whether it’s adventure, a friend, a structured schedule, motivation, money, write all those things down. Tackle each one by one by writing ways in which you can make small efforts to reach big goals. Always start off with small realistic goals that you can easily accomplish to get your foot in the door to progressively accomplishing big goals overtime. This is an extremely effective method that will allow you to feel accomplished with every small goal you achieve, whether it’s to make a phone call, inquire about a job opening, begin researching a travel program, any small effort you make you deserve to be praised for! Accomplishing each one will provide you with nothing but happiness and satisfaction that you achieved those goals for yourself. One thing I realized is being in a state of comfort and peace within your surroundings, will never bring you an inch of anxiety, doubt or worry. When I was able to be at one with myself, I was able to appreciate how blessed my life is, and how I have so much to look forward to. Most importantly, I realized that my potential is never ending if you put your mind to anything. That’s not something cliché either, when you are in this state of mind, you truly undergo these feelings. Our minds are truly so powerful and creative. I challenge you to make time for yourself this Holiday season in your place of comfort and peace to uncover abilities you may of thought never existed within you. Every small accomplishment deserves praise, and every goal can always be accomplished with positivity and optimism. Grab a pen and notebook, spend time at your comfort place, and begin the journey to change your life. Believe in yourself!