Klavyio Pricing: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Plan (January 2021)

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Email marketing is about building relationships.

It is a powerful tool in your marketing tool belt whether you are shooting off automated abandoned cart emails or just keeping your customers updated with your online store’s latest sales and promotions.

Klavyio is the email marketing tool that you, without a doubt, NEED in your own marketing tool belt these days – especially as the world continues to grow more virtual.

Continue reading this blog for our opinions and recommendations for this email marketing software. We will provide a complete rundown of the app, including a Klavyio pricing guide and plenty of detailed Klavyio reviews to give you a full understanding of what this software entails.

So without further ado, here we go!

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What is Klavyio?

Klavyio is a cloud-based email marketing software designed for eCommerce businesses.

This intuitive platform features extensive integration options, audience segmentation, and detailed reports to keep you in the loop of how your marketing efforts are converting.

Klavyio is all about the relationship-building opportunity that email marketing brings. This tool will help you develop campaigns that drive your customers to your website and ultimately increase conversions – what we are all really looking for in the end.

“Ecommerce stores switching to Klaviyo see an average 67x increase in ROI” – Klavyio Shopify app page

You may be asking yourself, though, but I thought email marketing was a thing of the past?

Just stop yourself there.

While AOL messenger and Yahoo may be relics of the past, emails are still a crucial marketing tool to incorporate into your overall strategy!

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I thought email marketing was old news…

In marketing, you are always focused on achieving a greater Return On Investment (ROI). 

If you are still a little lost with the eCommerce terms, an eCommerce mentor maybe some help. See our blog post “Finding an Ecommerce Mentor to Boost Your Business Success” for advice on getting started finding one!

Social media has grown exponentially over the past few years and is famous for increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. Although, it’s not so easy to measure your ROI for what you put into it. 

Meanwhile, email marketing is much more direct. Through open rates and click-through rates, it’s relatively easy to measure how email campaigns performed.

Even more so, email marketing, on average, boasts an impressive 4200% ROI. In simpler money terms, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. (Oberlo website)

So don’t scoff at email marketing and follow this Klavyio pricing and fellow Klavyio reviews for a deeper understanding of how you can use this tool to skyrocket the email marketing strategy for your online store.

Klavyio pricing plans cover email automation

Klavyio Features

Extensive Integrations Capabilities

Shopify, Bigcommerce, Facebook, Woocommerce, and Magento, just to name a few…

Klavyio comes with a vast number of native integrations that make it easy to collect and transfer data from various sources. Explore their full directory of integrations to see the complete list.

Even if you work with an eCommerce platform or software that isn’t included in the Klavyio directory, their open API gives you total freedom and flexibility. All of the Klavyio pricing options have this innovative feature to create direct integrations with almost anything that exports data.

Forms & Personalization

Collect information and grow your email subscribers list with the custom form builder from Klavyio. Popups, flyouts, and other forms can be built to target based on profiles, segments, URLs, and location.

Klavyio pricing includes A/B testing abilities that make it easy to test out different forms and quickly determine which will lead to the best results.

Customer Profiles

Klavyio helps to build unique customer profiles with a complete overview of your customers’ and subscribers’ information in a single, unified view. This is key to understanding and knowing everything you can about the customers that you’re targeting.

Email List Segmentation

With Klavyio, your data is automatically updated without you even having to lift a finger. Automatic segmentation means that your customers will receive targeted emails every time without skipping a beat.

Within all the Klavyio pricing plans, you can build segments based on behavioral and transactional data or based on preset special events (such as making a purchase or subscribing to a list).

Extend your email list segments to your Facebook marketing efforts with Facebook integration. With this integration, you can automatically import your segments into Facebook Custom Audiences to use when creating ads for your online store.

Efficient Automation

The beauty of Klavyio is the ability to automate your email marketing efforts. Their drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to build emails that will inspire and engage your customers. Quickly map out your customer’s journey and design their ideal experience.

You can use the flow builder to split and branch emails within a series to effectively lead the customer down the path of your choosing. Utilize the A/B testing capabilities for testing and optimizing automated emails.

Intuitive Social Advertising

Make the most of your social media with personalized ads based on your established audience segments from the Klaviyo platform. Furthermore, you can grow your subscribers and customer base by combining Klavyio segmentation with your social media.

Targeted Campaigns

Send campaigns that are direct and to the point. Klavyio helps send targeted campaigns based on metrics such as purchasing, viewing history, and even how a customer has previously interacted with past emails.

With intuitive targeting abilities, Klavyio will significantly increase your business’ ROI.

Klavyio pricing includes features such as the Klavyio Sales Dashboard

Klavyio Pricing Guide

The Klavyio pricing structure is broken up into three separate levels depending on the type of marketing you want to do. Their claim to fame is that you only pay for what you need.

That means no annual contracts, no hidden fees, and a pricing system that is flexible to meet your business where it is at.

Is there a free trial?

The Klavyio app is free to install and offers a free lower tier, which allows you to import your data, test out templates, and try out the software before you upgrade. Through the Klavyio pricing structure, you can send a maximum of 500 emails to up to 250 contacts before it prompts you to upgrade.

Once you move up from the free tier, your options expand.

What are the Klavyio Pricing Plans?

You can choose to either go with a plan that consists of email only, short message service (SMS) only, or try both. 

A couple of questions you should consider when deciding whether to go for email only or try out the SMS option are:

What is the age range of my target audience? (Younger generations tend to respond more to mobile communication)

Do I have phone numbers for the majority of my subscribers?

Those two simple questions should give you an idea of how SMS capabilities would benefit or hinder your marketing efforts.

The Klavyio pricing cost for email marketing is based on an incremental system dependent on the number of contacts you plan to engage with and your intended email frequency. The nice thing about this software is that you don’t have to worry about paying too much or choosing a plan that was too low. With the Klavyio pricing structure, you can choose a lower-end plan, and then if you were to exceed your quota, the app will gently nudge you to upgrade your plan. 

Klavyio SMS gives you the option of meeting your customers where they are at, whether it is receiving information through an email or the ding of a text message. The pricing structure is based on a pay-as-you-go model, which also offers a free tier of up to 50 sent messages. From there, you will be charged $.01/message for SMS and $.03/message for MMS.

For all plans, exclusive email and chat support are offered. When you’re on the path to becoming an eCommerce expert, you will learn to appreciate all the help you can get!

The Klavyio email pricing calculator makes it easy to estimate what your projected costs will be! Check it out to see what it would cost your business to use this impressive software, we bet it may surprise you how affordable Klavyio pricing actually is!

Klavyio Pricing vs Mailchimp Pricing

Klavyio vs. Mailchimp

Similar to Klavyio, Mailchimp is another email marketing automation software designed to help grow and engage your business’ subscribers. Although there is hardly a comparison between the two programs. While Klavyio pricing is significantly more costly than Mailchimp, the benefits are significant.

The two platforms maintain your subscriber information in a centralized location with the ability to gain valuable insights and directly target your customers based on detailed data.

Though that’s where the similarities end, which you can see in many of the Klavyio reviews. The features of Mailchimp seem almost archaic in comparison to the high powered functions of Klavyio. Mailchimp, unfortunately, offers limited automation options and is missing a key integration – Shopify.

When many eCommerce stores are using this popular platform to run their online stores, this is a crucial aspect that Mailchimp is lacking.

Klavyio reviews for the software overall

Final Klavyio Reviews

You can find positive Klavyio reviews all over the internet.

Every day more and more online store owners are ditching Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other email marketing software and switching over to this innovative system.

Between the almost unlimited number of integrations, high functioning data collection, and innovative features, we thoroughly recommend Klavyio for all eCommerce store owners.

While the Klavyio pricing structure may seem steep to new business entrepreneurs, their flexible plans adapt to your business’s needs to meet you where you are. In our minds, this makes this eCommerce tool a perfect starter and stepping stool for any business owner.

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How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

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