Blog Post #1


Think for one second.

 I want you to try and relax your mind, your muscles, your entire body.

 Think about




 Where time seemed to stop.

There was no rush. No worries.

No thoughts of tasks and deadlines.

 Your mind was flowing with thoughts. Thoughts of creativity, innovation, and a bright future. In that moment all you heard was complete silence.


 Moments like sitting on your doorstep at 3 A.M. on a summer night, the sight of the stars spark a grin of hope, while the silence shuts off your brain.

 Moments. Life consists of a collection of moments.

 Moments like these last for 30 seconds and if you're lucky, maybe a minute or two. We wish to appreciate the warmth of life's simplest pleasures more often and for a more extended period of time because even though these moments are short, their impact can

Move you,

Change you,

Guide you,

Save you,

For weeks, months, years…

I want you to think about the collection of these moments you've experienced through your "dash." You may have had only one of these moments; maybe you've had three. But these moments you feel deep within your heart where your mind is one with your body.

You appreciate your surroundings because what you're looking at is life's simplest treasures.

The sound of the rain crashing down does nothing but ease the mind, close the eyes and relax the body.

You smell the morning dew clearly through the fog of the rising sun.

You can feel the beauty of the sun's solstice as you blink as if life is in slow motion. The music amplifying your eardrums gives you the energy to exhale, open your eyes and allow yourself to feel at peace.

In the back of your mind you appreciate the diversity in the world and fully grasp the concept that everyone sees the same sun. And when you look at the sun, you are anywhere you dream of being. You are connecting to the world through your own individual ideologies. Natural beauty.

There you have it. Congrats, you are naturally high on life. Natural dopamine pumping through your veins and enriching your life.

This is Hygge Life.

 These are moments that write our composition for a brighter, happier life. Within these moments, all five of our senses unify. Think about it, it's true. The unity provides complete relaxation, optimism, love and hope. You discover a side to yourself you never knew existed. You are so at peace yet a fire is ignited within your mind to live life the way you have always wanted to live it.

Don't we want to create more of these moments?

 These feelings of pure happiness and the comfort of warmth are all a part of the element of Hygge Life. It is important for us to create these atmospheres through ascetics, interests, travel, but focusing on one small, simple pleasure. This small focus will move mountains. It's not about the big picture and life as a whole, its about the moments that get us there.