So let’s talk about eCommerce product research and how Ecomhunt can make this process easy. 

For a successful online store, proper eCommerce product research is one of the single most important steps you will take to make sure your products do just as you hope, SELL!

What’s the tool that will help you find AND sell the ideal products for your store? ECOMHUNT!

In this 2021 Ecomhunt review, we will give you all the data, information, and our opinion (of course!) so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not to use this eCommerce tool. 

Justin Woll, Founder of BeyondSixFigures, performing Ecommerce Product Research with Ecomhunt

Importance of Ecommerce Product Research

It is one thing to have a store filled with products you love and think will do great. Then, it is a whole different situation to do your proper research to find products that your target customer audience will want to buy!

Ecommerce product research requires time and effort to understand exactly who your target audience is and what will make them want to give your store their money. Ecomhunt is a tool that will make your life o much easier in the next step of browsing through thousands of products.

Just to be safe before you dive in, check out our post Top 10 Mistakes in Ecommerce Product Research.

The first page for Ecomhunt - Ecommerce Product Research Tool

What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a well-rounded, ecommerce product research tool designed to give you all the information and more for making the decisions of which products to sell in your online store. This software does just about all the work for you in the research process until producing the final decision – that one is obviously on you.

What Ecomhunt is Not

Ecomhunt is not the ONLY tool you should use for eCommerce product research but should be one of the multiple resources that you pull from. The best strategy is to remove data from various tools before you make the final decisions.

It is also not ‘End all, be all’ of eCommerce product research tools. Just because Ecomhunt says that a product is a popular product with high-profit margins doesn’t mean that you should blatantly copy their ‘Top Ten Products’ list.

I mean, if every user went that route, every online store would be a replicate of another. That would undoubtedly equal some fierce competition!

Luckily, with this tool being so jam-packed with features, there is a lot more to what Ecomhunt can do for online store owners.

Ecomhunt display of product options

How Does Ecomhunt Work?

Ecomhunt provides an extensive resource of features to give you the most up-to-date, well-defined data for any given product. Ecomhunt doesn’t necessarily work in the same way as a search engine, but instead, you browse through the products they recommend.

For some, this may be ideal as it makes it easier to find winning products, especially for beginners and just starting.

For others, this system may be a bit of a drag, for instance, if someone already had a clear idea of what they want to sell and would rather have more direct search abilities.

A visual of the Ecomhunt - Product Description section

Product Images and Description

Ecomhunt provides several images and a full product description within each product page to give you a firm idea of what the product is and how it looks. If you feel especially pinched for time or resources, you are free to even copy and paste that product description right onto your page!

A visual of the Ecomhunt - Profit & Costs

Profits & Costs

This is a quick look at what your product cost along with the Ecomhunt suggested selling price. Easily be able to see what your profit margin would look like with this feature.

Facebook Ad Examples With Analytics and Targeting Data

Let’s be honest. If you are going to succeed with your business, you need to invest in yourself, aka your marketing – which involves a paid Ad Specialist. Although when you’re just getting started, tools like Ecomhunt are your secret treasure. For each product listed, Ecomhunt provides Facebook Ad examples along with detailed analytics.

A view of the Ecomhunt Features: Sales Statistics, Reviews, Etc.

eBay & Aliexpress Sales Statistics

This section gives you the lowdown of how the product is doing on two different ecommerce dropshipping platforms. This tells you the average product price, the number of listings, and how many products are sold in total.

A visual of the Ecomhunt - Saturation Inspector

Saturation Inspector

This part of the tool is where Ecomhunt gets into the product’s estimated ‘saturation’ in the market. While we’re not sure how exactly they get this information, it’s nice to know what kind of competition you would stand against.

A visual of the Ecomhunt: Relevant Winning Products feature

Relevant Winning Products

Check out some of the other products that are commonly sold alongside the one you are currently looking at. This is great for some inspiration of further products you should consider.

Ecomhunt Pricing options


First off, Ecomhunt does offer a free trial to test out the software. While the free option does have its limitations. These include a set limit of only viewing two products per day, you can only have five saved products at a time, there is a three-day delay for your access to new product releases, and of course, it doesn’t include the live chat support from Jack.

There is no limitation on how long you can run on a free account. So, especially if you are beginning your journey into eCommerce or drop shipping as a business, you can start with the free version and only upgrade when you are ready to move up.

Premium Pricing

Meanwhile, the premium Ecomhunt plan will cost you $29 per month, or $17 per month, if you pay for a year in advance. This upgraded plan gives you unlimited products to view, total saves, no delay in your access to new products (one step closer to being the first business owner to jump on to a viral product!), and further premium benefits.

Ecomhunt does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! That way, if you do choose to move up to the premium plan, you have a full month to decide whether it is worth all the hype or if you were happy enough flying free.

Jack with Ecomhunt's Support Chat


With a tool this extensive, we were glad to find that it comes with luckily enough support options to match its features.


The Ecomhunt blog features articles that cover everything from finding ecommerce courses, building your first online store, and detailed overviews of products they feature. These product reviews give you everything you need to know to efficiently sell the product with additional information such as how to market the product, how to optimize the marketing campaign, etc.

A glimpse at some of the posts in the Ecomhunt Blog Section

Video Support

Along with their blog section filled with support articles, Ecomhunt also features video resources with tons of tutorial videos and webinars to assist you in using their tool.

Live Chat Option

Finally, as a little extra for premium members of Ecomhunt, they also provide live chat support options, fondly named “Jack.” Jack is a live support, 1-on-1 Expert consultant that you can chat up on Facebook Messenger. You can quite literally ask him anything, including questions regarding software support, troubleshooting, targeting, scaling, and even for a review of your online store. 

This level of support is undoubtedly a unique feature. Even though plenty of tools feature a live chat support option, they don’t always offer the ability to ask for help regarding things outside of your use of the platform. 

A visual of how Ecomhunt makes ecommerce product research seem easy

Our Final Ecomhunt Review Conclusion

Honestly, Ecomhunt is like the golden treasure of the eCommerce entrepreneur’s treasure hunt.

The amount of information and data that the developers packed into this software is impressive. The easy-to-use nature of this tool is also appreciated, especially for beginner dropshippers! Though what sells us is the amount of detail that they give from Facebook targeting data all the way to assistance for finding social media influencers. That makes this tool undoubtedly unique.

Let’s be real, though, it doesn’t come with EVERYTHING, and some features are a bit sub-par… 

For instance, why can’t you directly search for a product and find all this glorious data? 

Or, why is the data so minimal for the free version?

A visual of the Ecomhunt: Instagram Influencers

Did we mention that they even list possible Instagram Influencers for the product?

Though even with these questions, after conducting this complete Ecomhunt review and taking a closer look at the many features that this tool offers, we undoubtedly believe that Ecomhunt is the best tool on the market for ecommerce entrepreneurs everywhere!

Ecomhunt Alternatives

While Ecomhunt is an excellent tool for ecommerce product research, it certainly isn’t the only one!

If you have already tried out Ecomhunt and it just isn’t working, or if you are trying to scope out your options, ShopInspect and Niche Scraper are two other tools on the market with similar features.

Justin Woll, founder of BeyondSixFigures displaying his awards

Finding a Dropshipping Mentor

Dropshipping is one of those hit or miss industries. Though you know how to hit the target of which products to sell and how to market those items best, you WILL find success. 

Wouldn’t it be so great to direct these pending questions and heart-wrenching decisions to someone who has been down the same road?

That’s where Dropshipping Mentors such as Justin Woll come in!

Justin owns and operates one of the most successful eCommerce courses in the field, BeyondSixFigures. He has honed in the knowledge and tactics that jumpstarted his career and condensed it into a packaged program to share these tools for success with others efficiently!

Justin Woll and the BeyondSixFigures team have helped their students make millions in revenue, and he continues to update his methods every year.

In his BeyondSixFigures Personal Mastermind Experience, Justin hits on every aspect of developing your online store, from proper ecommerce product research to scaling your business.

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