It’s 2021, and nothing can stop you now.

This year is the year for stores to come back bigger and better than ever, and online shoppers are more than ready to relish in the comeback. So what does that mean for you, the ecommerce store owner? Customer reviews. Loox reviews is an app that makes it easy to gather customer reviews and photo content to continue sharing the wealth of your product from the customer’s eye.

Continue reading to see what Loox reviews can do for your 2021 comeback.

Loox Reviews - A Customer Review App

What is Loox?

Loox is a product review app for Shopify business owners. It creates an easy and efficient system to collect customer product reviews and UGC. Not only does the app help you gather these crucial assets, but it also provides a way to display them beautifully on your website.

UGC – What is it?

UGC is the abbreviation for User Generated Content, a marketing tactic that uses the power of trust and reliability.

Let’s try a little scenario.

You’re checking out a new online store, and you’re interested in their products. The only issue is that they are brand new, and you have a ton of questions. 

How’s their material quality?

How realistic are their shipping time estimates?

Most importantly, is it all just a scam?

A man questioning his dog about the validity of a store

Suddenly, you hear from a friend of yours who tried out this new store about how great their experience was. How much more likely are you to complete your purchases now that someone you trust is vouching for this business?

Or even it may be as simple as a quick scroll down to their product reviews page, and those 1,000+ five-star reviews are flooding the screen? Reviews from real customers validating their purchases from this store can make all the difference. Then add some UGC of their actual pictures? Consider yourself sold.

If you don’t believe us, try asking Jeff Bezos how this tactic worked for Amazon’s $386 billion in sales in 2020 alone.

Trust works for sales, and that’s where UGC and Loox reviews come into play.

User-Generated Content has come out to the forefront for its popularity in gaining customer traction and increasing sales conversions. This tactic is just what it sounds – using content such as videos, photos, and testimonials created by your brand’s users. Essentially UGC turns all your customers into brand ambassadors promoting your product organically.

Not only does it save you as the business owner time, effort, and resources from not having to create the content, but it also helps establish customer trust.

While written customer reviews are good for business, words can only go so far. Pictures and videos are the new selling points that brands are recognizing with a vengeance.

Loox Reviews Features

The automation abilities of Loox reviews


Every ecommerce entrepreneur knows the importance of time efficiency. Can we all agree that there is never enough time? That’s why the Loox reviews feature of automation is highly appreciated.

Loox makes it easy to automate the review request process. The app provides review request emails that are smart and fully customizable.

You can set up these emails to be sent based on delivery time or order status. Just think, what if every time a customer made a purchase, they received a little reminder to leave a review? If you add a little customization with a discount offer for photo reviews, we’re sure you’ll start seeing those photos and reviews pile in.

SEO Optimized

SEO is the key if you want to earn that prime spot on the first page of the Google search results. Loox boosts organic traffic. Not only do reviews already add great SEO-optimized content to your site, but Loox makes those reviews even more built to increase your SEO score. Through the use of rich snippets, you can just as easily display these reviews on organic search engine results as well.

Plus, you can easily integrate these photo reviews on Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads to boost your paid reach as well.

Designed for Shopify

Loox reviews are designed for every Shopify business. Loox itself is an app available from the Shopify app store. Loox easily integrates with many Shopify tools such as Klaviyo, Recart, PushOwl, Google Shopping, Aftership, and so many more.

The Loox reviews app is compatible with all Shopify themes and totally mobile responsive for an optimal buyer experience no matter what device they are on.

The app is easy to install with the simple Shopify app installation process. As soon as you have selected Loox from the marketplace and have it installed, you can start using it immediately.

Loox Reviews Features

Social Media Ready

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are the fastest-growing marketing tools, and Loox reviews are already social media-ready. The Facebook Tab integration allows you to display impressive photo reviews right from your Facebook business page.

Loox also transforms these reviews into stunning visuals that you can share on various social media platforms to attract your online store’s traffic.

Built for Customer Retention 

“Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.” 

Not only does Loox reviews make it easy to market and establish trust with new customers, but it assists in the area of customer retention as well. Send out automated review request emails with customized discount offers in exchange for reviews, thus rewarding current customers. Plus, you can even set discount offers for repeat purchases which encourages happy customers to continue shopping with you!

What’s Included

  • Loox is available in English, French (Avis), and 15 other languages.
  • Send review requests to all of your past customers from up to three months before you downloaded the app.
  • Multiple different display options for showing off the reviews on your website. You can hit the buyer journey’s critical stages from the first look to the last cart page.
  • Response options to increase your customer service and engagement. You can reply to answer questions or address issues, or even send out a public thank you for the positive reviews.

The display options for Loox reviews

Why do I need an app to track reviews?

First reason’s first – to build credibility. As we mentioned in the beginning, user-generated content builds trust. The greater confidence a new customer can establish with your business, the higher chance they will decide to purchase.

Loox makes it easy to publish these ratings and reviews along with credibility, which helps spread the word about your business organically. Once you get a positive review, you can go wild getting it out onto your website and throughout your social media channels. 

Positive feedback is the quickest way to drive new customers and eventually sales conversions!

What happens if I get a bad review?

Bad reviews are every store’s worst fear. Luckily with Loox, a bad review won’t be your end-all, be-all. You have the final position to decide whether you want to display it and how you choose to respond to the negative feedback.

Of course, that is a powerful position to have because while you don’t want to display negative feedback about your business, it’s also important to be authentic and address customer issues as they arise.

Pricing Guide

Loox does require a monthly subscription to use the app and all of its incredible features. 

Loox reviews pricing structure

The basic, $9.99/month plan includes 100 monthly review request emails, the ability to offer discounts for photo reviews, reviews, ratings & popup widgets, inline SEO, and up to 500 processed orders.

The beginner online store will probably be happy enough with the basic plan, which comes with plenty of impressive features. The major update as the plans go up in price is the number of review request emails you are allotted to send. 

Meanwhile, you can always start with the 14-day free trial to check it out first and see if this is the tool for you. (We are always fans of a good free trial!)

Our Honest Opinion of Loox Reviews

In our honest opinion, Loox is worth every penny spent. Since online stores lack that in-person connection that you can create at your typical physical storefront, establishing customer trust is a little more complicated. That is why UGC and published reviews are so crucial to the survival of any ecommerce business.

Loox reviews are easy to obtain and just as easy to publicize too. This Shopify app makes it simple to gather content from happy buyers through automated emails and established discounts. When you get that golden positive feedback, there are many ways to display those words, from beautiful galleries on your Shopify store website to high-quality images that you as the ecommerce entrepreneur can share across social media platforms.

We give this app our full support for how easy it makes it to bring your business’ best side to light!

Justin Woll, an ecommerce entrepreneur who can help set up Loox reviews

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