Tools for building landing pages can be incredibly challenging. You need intuitive and affordable, and this can be a challenging combination. Not only do you need to be able to build your landing page, but you’ve also got to be able to test it and make sure it is optimized and working properly. 

Building a landing page often needs to be done very quickly, which means the builder has to get it just right for you to make that happen. Landing page building tools like Unbounce can be incredibly helpful. 

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Take a look at this deeper review of Unbounce pricing and all of the details that you should know. 

Unbounce Pricing Details

Let’s start with pricing. After all, that’s probably what most decisions will boil down to. Is the cost worth what the tool can offer you? Unbounce does offer you a 14-day free trial period so you can get a feel for the tool and decide if it’s something you think will suit your needs. 

But Unbounce has two options before you even get into the packages. Here’s a close look at the Unbounce pricing for each. 

Smart Copy

Smart copy is the base version of Unbounce. If you’re looking for a page builder, smart copy isn’t going to build the page. This is just an AI tool that understands copywriting and can help you with writing quality content. So, when it comes to wording, it can be helpful. This is a fairly new addition to Unbounce, so we didn’t want to leave it out. 

Smart Copy is available in two models. The first one is free, and it allows you to create 5 generations a day on 1 profile. It has several pre-built templates to help. This one is really just meant to help you fine tune what you have. 

 Of course, if you want more generations available, you can use their growth model, which is $50 per month. It has unlimited profiles, unlimited generation, and plenty of helpful templates. This allows you to write in the tool and fine tune any copy. 

Smart Builder+

Smart Builder is the tool that helps you build your landing page. It is an AI-powered tool that will provide tools for optimization as well as creation. This tool has 3 different plan options to choose from. 


The first choice is Launch. This plan currently runs $90 per month. There are discounts for people who choose to pay annually instead of monthly. This is really meant for businesses that are just starting to launch landing pages. It’s slightly limited but a great place to get started. You can create up to 500 conversions, support up to 20,000 visitors, and support 1 domain. 


Next is Optimize. This plan runs $135 per month currently. This is a step up from the Launch edition and is designed to give you time back for the cost. It’s easy to use and can run 5 domains, support up to 30,000 visitors, and up to 1,000 conversions. This also has a Smart Traffic which can lead to 30% higher conversions. 


The highest level is Accelerate, which runs $225 per month right now. This plan is for the business with high bandwidth needs and the appeal to just keep growing. The plan includes up to 10 domains, 2,500 conversions, and 50,000 visitors. It also has Smart Traffic available. 

If you need higher limits, Unbounce can work directly with you. Every plan that they offer also includes their basic features. 

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Unbounce Key Features

If you’re wondering what sets Unbounce apart from others, take a look at some of their key features. These are the features that we feel stand out in some way in the market and can add value to potential customers of the company. 

Unlimited Landing Pages

No matter which version of Unbounce you choose, you get unlimited landing pages. After all, that is really what using Unbounce is all about, right? Their builder tool is AI-moderated, and it’s designed to help optimize SEO during the building process. 

They have multiple templates that you can use for the building process and it’s all very easy. You can sort through the landing pages, but they also have filters and search functions that let you find relevant templates based on what you are after, or even your industry. 

If you know of a template that you want to use, you can search the template’s name as well. You also have the choice to build your own from scratch if needed and Unbounce walks you through that process in a “wizard” fashion. 

From the landing page builder, you have the ability to make your landing page mobile-friendly with just the click of a button. 

A/B Testing

Once you go through the process of building your landing page, Unbounce allows you to test the page if you want to. For many companies, this is important and it’s something that they look for specifically. 

This basically allows you to duplicate a live page and then create edits while still keeping the page live. You can make changes as needed or even based on what is happening on the live page. You can choose what variants you specifically want to test or adjust and then run and monitor the tests. Unbounce gives you results for the testing, so you know what worked better in the testing process. 

Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is helpful if you don’t want to mess with A/B testing. It’s so much easier really because it’s totally conversion based, and it does the testing work for you. You can access Smart Traffic on both the Optimize and Accelerate plans. The site monitors where traffic is or needs to be and sends visitors to said page based on what it finds. 

This is an AI tool, so it does need some time to learn once you set it up. Once it starts to learn, it only improves and then continues to manage the process for you. It can easily increase specific traffic. 

Sticky Bars and Popups 

Sticky bars and popups are available to any package with Unbounce. These are pretty cool features because they inadvertently direct people to different landing pages. They work differently but have the same effect. 

Popups are like a little popup that will attempt to draw attention to a specific landing page. It’s a popup for your page specifically. 

Sticky bars are like headers that stay at the top of the page even when customers scroll or move. These sticky bars advertise the landing page and attempts to direct traffic there. Most businesses choose to use one or the other based on what they feel will be the best fit. 

App Integration

Finally, Unbounce integrates well with a variety of apps. From your management apps to your marketing apps, Unbounce has you covered. Unbounce integrates all of the most important tools that you might need to really build your landing page. 

This includes following apps. 

  • Slack
  • Unsplash
  • Shopify
  • MailChimp
  • Google Sheets
  • GoToWebinar
  • Autopilot
  • Jotform
  • Vimeo

They have several other integrations that are in process. In addition, Zapier can also integrate, opening up this realm to a whole slew of other app integrations that can help you with your page building process. 

Final Thoughts

Unbounce might take some getting used to. It’s a basic landing page builder so you have to learn how to make it work for your needs. In the end, it’s a simple builder to use that you can easily integrate with other tools. It’s straightforward and has a load of features and options designed to make your experience as good as possible. 

Unbounce easily falls into one of the top options for landing page builders. It’s all about simplicity, which is something that can’t even hold a price tag usually. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sell Products on Unbounce? 

Unbounce is designed to help build your landing pages. You can sell products on any of your pages and Unbounce does allow for payment integration. Most likely, you will be using a different ecommerce site and then integrating landing pages built with Unbounce. 

Is Unbounce Easy to Learn? 

Unbounce is designed for simplicity. It doesn’t have some of the extra bells and whistles that make other builders more complicated. With the templates and building tools, you can learn how to use it quickly and build the landing pages that you need fairly easily. There may be a learning curve in some areas but overall, it’s easy to use. 

Is Unbounce a CMS? 

CMS is a content management system. Unbounce can be CMS in a limited capacity. You can design pages quickly and post them quickly. It’s very comparable to WordPress in this manner. It’s ultimately a self-hosted CMS. 

Does Unbounce Work with Shopify? 

Yes! If you look at the Unbounce site and their application, Shopify is one of the primary tools available. Shopify is in their Smart Builder tool, as are several other apps that can help optimize your build.