BeyondBusiness #1

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???? What is going ONNN Ladies & Gentleman of BSF!!!

Justin Woll, here as always, what I would like to do today, is formally introduce a new value & content segment that we will be adding to the BSF Community.

While we are always striving day in, and day out, to provide the most value to y’all that we possibly can, we came up with a crazy, yet actionable, and massively valuable idea on how WE, can help YOU grow your business the RIGHT WAYS, every, single, week.

And not charge a single dime for it.

I am going to pass the script off to one of our long time BSF team members, Thore Hauthal, to explain a bit deeper as to how this will be playing out, because this is the FIRST, of MANY BSF ACTION Interviews, that will now be known as “BeyondBusiness”.

– Justin Woll


“Hi team, Thore here, & today is a special day for us here at BSF.

Today is the day where we introduce a completely new content segment to the BSF family, the idea here is to serve you guys & gals by giving you access to even more, valuable, highly applicable, content.

Justin and I are constantly talking about how we can provide more, do more, and give you access to more information without charging a dime for it.

In order to do just that, we decided to open up our network to introduce you to some of the greatest minds in the eCommerce industry.

Over the next weeks, months and years we will interview experts in every single sub-niche of our industry. I’m talking email, google & facebook ads, alternative media, conversion optimization, growth hacking, remote hiring etc. & way more

We are beyond excited to kick this segment of with our good friend and email rockstar Bostjan Belingar, and i’m “Beyond” excited to present you with some even more incredible content!!!”

– Thore Hauthal


Justin, back again team, & with that being said, as we strive to bring this community closer & closer, I think its only proper to ALSO begin to give BSF Family members access to our extremely well equipped, BSF trained, business strategists who have worked with me, literally side by side for years at this point.

The goal of THIS new BSF segment is to get you guys moving forward with your own BSF strategy session with a member of our team mapping out and helping y’all work out any kinks that you may have in starting, or scaling your online business to that next level (We work with $0, 6, 7, & 8 Figure companies as well as students of our own hitting these numbers as you all are aware of, we’ve been around the block a few times, not our first rodeo to say the least ???? .

Keep in mind I have personally trained each of these individuals how I would a student of mine, which did cost me time & resources, but I am pleased to announce that this will be available for now, for free, for BSF members who book their sessions from these posts, ill be dropping this scheduling page in distinct posts in BSF, so its always smart to read until the end, you’ll never know if you see an open booking URL for a free BSF Strategy Session, and this type of direction, from BSF has done some massive things in the last few years as you ladies & gentleman are well aware of!

Please, what we ask for in return, is a like and even a comment on this post to show your excitement, it also really helps the fb group algorithm which is always clutch!

???? All in all, I am PLEASED to cut the ribbon on TWO stellar BSF rollouts.

1.) “BeyondBusiness” #1 w/ Bostjan Belingar – BSF Value Packed Interviews & Action Maps!

2.) “Professional, BSF Strategy Sessions” (While the URL is UP)

SO – enjoy the HOUR long VALUE PACKED Interview with a few eCommerce rockstars…

and DO NOT forget to book your session here, and to get some DIRECTLY actionable insights, and advice on you and your business!

if the URL is still here, the booking is still available.

BSF Strategy Session –>

Yours Truly,

Justin Woll

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