Can’t Quite Swing The Investment For VIP University? Can I Help?

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Flexibility financing available for a short while.

Hi there, it’s Justin with a quick one…

If you’ve been considering getting my help but your cash flow is tied up right now?

I understand how hard it can be juggling bills and investments into your store…

So to help you out…

I’ve authorized Matt on our team to offer a select number of people in the program who come onboard by the end of this week…

What we’re calling… “Ecom Cash Flow Financing”. So if you want to get my help but can’t afford to pay all in one go?

You can split up the investment into a few chunks to give you the free cash flow available to enjoy the best of both worlds:

Getting our help to launch your next product to 20 sales/day AND making sure you can afford ads and software costs stress free.

But better still…

Once you’re inside the program, we’ll be talking about how you can test products with small $5/day ad sets…

And narrow your chances to finding a winner to 1/20 rather than 1/100,000,000 (the total number of products on AliExpress).

Hopefully that will help you out a bit?

Consider it an early Christmas present from me.:-)

Want us to help out with your cash-flow?

Drop Matt a note, he’ll help you out…

===> [email protected]

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Talk soon,


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