ShopInspect vs. Niche Scraper – Best Tool to Find Viral Products in 2021

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If you are new to dropshipping and wondering how in the world people find viral products to sell, you have come to the right place. The debate of ShopInspect vs. Niche Scraper is one of those big discussions between eCommerce product research tools on the market. That said, we’ve narrowed our focus on these two because we feel like they each offer unique features that cover eCommerce product research bases.

But which one do you choose?

Continue reading, and we’ll break down the similarities and differences between each, hopefully making your decision easy by the end of this detailed review.

So without further ado, here we go!

Shopinspect as a product spy tool

Dropshipping as a Business

Dropshipping significantly increased popularity in the eCommerce industry this past year as people worldwide found themselves with a significant increase in their time spent at home and, for some, an unfortunate onset of financial insecurity.

The business of dropshipping is where, essentially, you become the middle man. The dropshipping model is where a store markets and sells a product to a customer, then purchases it from a third party and has the product delivered directly to the customer.

This process makes it so the business owner doesn’t own or store any of the inventory. For beginner eCommerce entrepreneurs, this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the industry.

Though it’s not all just breezy, beautiful, and comfortable to be a dropshipper. The key to a successful dropshipping business is finding viral products that will sell.

ShopInspect: Viral Products

Importance of Ecommerce Product Research

“Product discovery and research is the most important factor that distinguishes successful eCommerce businesses from online shops filled with products that shoppers are simply not motivated to buy.” – Dropified Blog

Ecommerce product research isn’t just about finding the hottest products on the market and throwing them in your store. Instead, it requires time, effort, and research to find products that are not only trendy but will also go over well with your intended target customer base.

Check out one of our earlier blog posts for more about eCommerce product research: Top 10 Mistakes in E-commerce Product Research

So that begs the question, how do you even begin finding trending products for your store? Ecommerce product research tools such as ShopInspect and Niche Scraper were designed to help you efficiently scour the internet in seconds to discover products that you may not have even considered.

Justin Woll: BeyondSixFigures founder

A Complete ShopInspect and Niche Scraper Review – What Are They?

Both ShopInspect and Niche Scraper are online tools that assist in the area of eCommerce product research.

If you think you can just google “Best products to dropship” and will find a goldmine, you’re sadly mistaken. Using at least one of these tools is essential for finding viral products for your online store. 

These two tools use high-functioning search engines to scour the internet for winning products through various methods. Both tools also provide you with reports and insights to help you discover trends.

Follow along for our genuine ShopInspect and Niche Scraper review and final thoughts on which of these two tools you should invest in for your online store.

Key Features

ShopInspect and Niche Scraper both boast an incredible amount of features designed to provide their users with a high level of research insights that will make finding viral products a breeze.


Shopify Shop Search

Type a keyword of either a product or shop name for a detailed report and data.

ShopInspect: Shopify Search


Of course, once you have a product, you’ll need to work on your marketing strategy. The AdInspect feature within the ShopInspect tool gives you the ability to search by brand or keyword and see what Facebook or Instagram ads have worked for it. It even goes as far as to show the engagement rate for the ads and who they targeted. How’s that for marketing made easy? This is a truly innovative feature for an eCommerce product research tool.

Ecommerce Store image

Smart Score

The Smart Score shows the average monthly webs searches for any given keyword. The score ranges from 1 to 100. Its data is based on a mathematical formula derived by the number of searches for a product and how many stores carry it. This feature helps you discover products with high search volumes with a lesser number of sellers.

Interest Over Time

Similar to the Google Keywords Planner tool, this feature gives you a line graph that shows the volume of searches for a particular keyword. Of course, trending products are going to have a way higher search volume than not.

Word Cloud

Find other words that are relevant to what you’re researching through their word cloud feature, which churns out a collection of other words that are related.

Niche Scraper Review of Features

Hand-Picked Products Section

This section features a complete list of products that are hand-picked by the Niche Scraper team. This feature basically takes out all the hard work of eCommerce product research!

Niche Scraper: Hand Picked Products

Product Scraper

The Product Scraper feature makes it easy to find viral products in both Shopify stores and Aliexpress by showing the bestselling products in each with data such as sales trends, sales difficulty levels, and sales growth.

Niche Scraper: Product Scraper

Facebook Video Ad Generator

Videos are quickly gaining popularity in the marketing field for their engaging way of selling. Niche Scraper features an easy-to-use video ad generator that helps you create videos from only a few simple images, music, and text within seconds.

Niche Scraper: Facebook Ad Generator

Tool Support

When you are learning a new tool for finding viral products, it’s all about the level of support.

You’re a busy, fast-moving entrepreneur and certainly don’t have time to sit around and try to figure out new tools yourself. You need to be out there selling your product!

So with that in mind, we wanted to take a hard look at the level of support offered by each of these software options.

First off, the user interface that comes with ShopInspect is pristine. Navigation is simple, so it’s easy for even a beginner to comprehend. Their dedicated ‘Learning Center’ features videos to help newbies learn everything they need to know about the tool.

The company also offers 24/7 support through an AI chat button within the software and a support email to reach their team. 

ShopInspect: Learning Center

The Niche Scraper team provides excellent support from the very beginning with helpful videos on their Getting Started page. The team offers an additional five free tutorials covering various topics associated with dropshipping as well.

These five tutorials are:

  • How to Find Winning Products
  • How I Left a 6 Figure Job to Dropship
  • Shopify Store Checklist
  • 7 Rules of Dropshipping
  • Facebook Ad Tutorial

PLUS, they also offer a bonus “How to Get FREE Traffic” tutorial available for only their premium members.

So as you can see, the latter is devoted to providing their users with a wholesome learning opportunity beyond just understanding how to use their specific tool.

Beyond just training videos, they also have a dedicated Facebook group for users. Members can share and learn new things from both other members and, at times, the company’s owner!


Of course, it always comes down to cost when deciding between new products, and this where these tools differ significantly.

ShopInspect offers two separate pricing plans to scale your dropshipping business. The Standard plan costs $16 monthly or $190 annually and comes with ten searches per day for each of the different features. Their next level plan is the Legendary plan, which costs $19 monthly or $228 annually. This plan comes with 250 searches per day for each of the distinct features that they offer.

Luckily, they also offer a seven-day free trial, so you can try out the tool before you commit.

On the other hand, Niche Scraper is free for as long as you use it! That is, the limited version is free. There is an option to purchase the PRO Membership, which comes with unlimited access to the Hand-Picked Products tool, Facebook video maker, and access to an array of different reports as well. The PRO Membership will cost you around $39.00 per month or a discounted $199 for the annual membership.

Though when it comes to finding viral products, we don’t think there’s enough you can pay!

Ecommerce Product Research finding viral products

Our Final Conclusion of ShopInspect vs. Niche Scraper for Finding Viral Products

So let’s end this review with what you really came here to discover, in the competition between ShopInspect vs. Niche Scraper, which is going to help you find viral products in 2021?

Through our thorough analysis, our pick is…


Based on their extensive features, unlimited searches, and impressive support options, we genuinely think that ShopInspect is 100% worth the investment.

I mean, who is going to invest in your product and store if you don’t invest in yourself first?

That being said, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that is almost just as good, Niche Scraper comes in at a very close second place when you’re comparing all the eCommerce product research tools that are advertised.

Schedule a free consultation with Justin Woll

Proper product research will mean the difference between running a successful online store that brings in real revenue or throwing your money down the drain into products that don’t sell.

At BeyondSixFigures, we are dedicated to helping our students find success in the eCommerce industry. From building your online store from the (virtual) ground up to finding tools that will extend your capabilities and your store’s success, we want to help you achieve the same level of success that THOUSANDS of our students have already found.

BeyondSixFigures offers a course focused on training eCommerce store owners on the ins and outs of proper product research that is data-driven and guaranteed to convert. Learn more about this great learning resource by heading over to the blog post: A Complete Product Research Guide for a Successful 2021 and Beyond

Frequently Asked Question

Is ShopInspect legit?

Yes! ShopInspect is your quickest way to jump on the trends of fast-selling viral products and ride the glorious eCommerce wave to success. If you still aren’t sure, this tool is backed by tons of reviews all raving about this innovative tool for online store owners.

How much does ShopInspect cost?

ShopInspect pricing varies depending on your needs and whether you dive into the one-time annual payment or stick to monthly. For the ‘Standard Plan’, it will cost you either $39/month or $190 for the year. Then for the upgraded ‘Legendary Plan’, the cost is $47/month or $228 for the year.

What are Shopify stores?

Shopify is the number one platform that online store owners turn to when setting up their eCommerce websites. By the end of 2020, over 1 billion orders had been processed through Shopify. Shopify stores vary from small startups to large corporations all competing for their target customer base. Learn everything about starting your own Shopify store with BeyondSixFigures!

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