Spocket vs. Oberlo: Which Big Dropshipping Tool is Essential for Your Store in 2021?

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Dropshipping is undeniably a massive industry. Those who are eCommerce savvy may already know about the debate between Spocket and Oberlo, but even if you do, let’s take a deeper look at these two tools.

The global dropshipping market was worth $102.2 billion in 2018, and the market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.8% between 2019 and 2025. (Grand View Research). Statistics like these are great for those looking to launch into the dropshipping industry!

It does, however, come with significant drawbacks. It’s possible that having too many options isn’t always a good thing. It may be stressful, not to mention time-consuming, to shift through multiple providers and goods.

As a result, you should think about utilizing a dropshipping tool to assist. Maybe a dropshipping mentor as well? But we’ll get into that later!

Spocket and Oberlo are two well-known applications for importing dropshipping items straight into your Shopify store. Both of these plugins help connect you with various vendors, saving you time and effort.

The question is, how exactly do they function? Which application is the best? If you want to learn more, keep reading our full Spocket review in comparison to Oberlo!

What is Spocket?

Spocket review homepage

Spocket is a Shopify plugin that allows you to convert your online store into a super-efficient dropshipping shop. You can use the app to find and connect with vendors in the United States and the European Union.

Spocket provides a large marketplace where you can quickly browse for items and add them into your Shopify shop using the one-click import feature. 

It also features an average delivery time of 2-5 days for the products to reach your consumers. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to receive up to a 60% discount on the supplier’s items!

From pricing markup through order fulfillment, Spocket helps to automate your business. This leaves you only needing to concentrate on the marketing side of your business, and Spocket handles the rest.


  • The User interface is bright and highly user-friendly
  • Descriptions and photos of products are simple to modify
  • Includes a ‘Recommended Pricing’ tool
  • Fast delivery
  • High-quality products


  • Some goods are only available for premium plan holders
  • There isn’t as much product variety as there is with Oberlo.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo and Spocket review

Oberlo is another Shopify software that allows you to import AliExpress goods with a single click. At the same time, you may fulfill orders on AliExpress and have them rapidly delivered to your customers.

Oberlo is only available on Shopify; thus, you won’t be able to use it with other platforms like WooCommerce or WordPress. Oberlo’s primary goal is to make running a dropshipping business through Shopify as easy as possible.


  • The user interface is straightforward and simple
  • Descriptions and photos of products are easy to change
  • Also includes a ‘Recommended Pricing’ tool
  • Features a variety of sellers to choose from


  • The quality of the product 
  • isn’t as great as Spocket
  • Lengthy delivery times
  • No options for customization of invoices or packaging

Spocket vs. Oberlo – Difference Between Features

Oberlo vs. Spocket dropshipping- Branding

The Spocket and the Oberlo extensions are both built to operate with Shopify and Squarespace. They assist with the creation of a functional website as well as the classification of dropshipping items. 

Both of these tools help retailers identify products for their Squarespace and Shopify shops quickly and efficiently. However, there are several significant differences between Oberlo and Spocket dropshipping.

The Origin of the Product

About 80% of Spocket’s items are sourced from properly vetted vendors in the United States and the European Union. Meanwhile, Oberlo primarily uses AliExpress, a business based out of China, to obtain its products. As a result, Spocket dropshipping often delivers higher-quality items, faster shipment, and more accurate delivery estimates for customers in the United States.

Automated Processes

Spocket and Oberlo both provide automated features, including product imports, order fulfillment, price rules, and inventory changes. Spocket outperforms Oberlo when it comes to synchronizing all tracking numbers to Shopify. For many internet sellers, this is a critical factor to consider. On Oberlo, you must manually enter this information. Because of this, you may end up spending a substantial amount of time tracking your Shopify shipments.

Product Quality

In terms of product quality, Spocket easily wins over Oberlo. The Spocket team reviews each supplier carefully to ensure the quality of their products. That means you, as the business owner, can rest easy knowing that the items you are selling will meet or exceed your consumer’s expectations. This feature can help you cut down on returns and other difficulties that might hurt your online store’s repertoire and revenue.

Check out the Essential 2021 Ecomhunt Review: How to Find the Hottest Winning Products, for more about finding the best products for your store.

Support for Customers

Spocket dropshipping and Oberlo support are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is essential for resolving concerns that may develop during any part of the transaction. Spocket, on the other hand, may just edge out Oberlo in terms of consumer satisfaction with online merchant service.

Free Trial for Spocket and Oberlo

Spocket and the Oberlo app both provide three service options, including a free basic plan. Oberlo’s free plan allows you to use up to 500 goods in a month.

Spocket, on the other hand, offers a free plan that allows users to explore the entire Spocket catalog of items, and they offer a 14-day free trial of their service with full features.

Spocket has a lot of advantages over the Oberlo extension for most online business owners. It also offers a cost-effective alternative to handle all sales, even those that aren’t exclusively part of dropshipping.

Oberlo vs. Spocket – Branding

Spocket dropshipping vs Oberlo


Spocket provides a guarantee that their suppliers will not send promotional materials or fliers to your consumers. You also have the option to provide your own customized invoice with your store’s name and brand with each order. This means more promotion for YOUR brand and not the supplier.

As the business owner, you also can even attach a personal thank you card to your customer. It’s a minor detail, but it might make a significant impact in terms of repeat business.


Oberlo also ensures that the vendors you select to partner with will not send your clients any additional promotional materials or flyers. 

As a result, all shipments are packaged in a neutral manner with minimal extras, promoting the suppliers or you. The only drawback is that, unlike Spocket, there isn’t the option to send branded packaging or personalized invoices.

Spocket vs. Oberlo: Which Is Better for Your Online Business?

Spocket is the logical choice for those just starting to offer dropshipping services. However, it is also just as practical for veterans in the dropshipping business. 

The three tiers of Spocket service provide you with the ability to adjust your expenditure to match the number of sales you make and expect each month. 

This flexibility may help you increase your profits while also ensuring that you can provide the most outstanding items to your present and future clients.

Final Verdict

As you can now see, both applications have their benefits and disadvantages. Through this Oberlo and Spocket review, we hope we’ve provided you with the information and tools to make your decision.

While Oberlo has a broader product selection to choose from, shipments’ delivery times seem to take significantly longer. This downfall may be harmful to companies, as dropshipping is becoming an increasingly competitive industry every day.

In that same sense, Spocket is significantly more pricey than Oberlo. Although when you consider quicker delivery times and trusted suppliers, these make Spocket dropshipping the best platform for any online store owner.

That being said, we recommend that you test them before really committing to paying plans because both applications offer free options.

We hope you enjoyed our comparison of the Oberlo vs. Spocket review. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us! And best of luck with your dropshipping business, as usual!

Justin Woll, Founder of BeyondSixFigures

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Is Spocket good for dropshipping?

Spocket is a fantastic option for any startup that uses the dropshipping strategy. This is especially true if you’re new to eCommerce and use Shopify or WooCommerce to run your business. You can import items and start selling them in minutes with the aid of this app!

Is Spocket better than Oberlo?

Spocket concentrates on suppliers in the United States and the European Union, whereas Oberlo works with vendors all around the world. Spocket’s delivery speeds are usually relatively swift, while Oberlo’s delivery times have been known to be significantly slower. That being said, Spocket has a lesser product selection than Oberlo, which offers a far more extensive selection. In the end, we would choose Spocket over Oberlo any day!

Is Spocket free for dropshipping?

Spocket is entirely free to use at its most basic level! However, you can just use it to go through the product choices and see what you’re dealing with. Until you join up for a premium subscription, you won’t be able to promote items. You have an infinite amount of orders to handle with the Starter package!

Is Spocket free to use?

When you initially sign up with Spocket, you’ll be on the Basic plan, which is entirely free. This is a wonderful method for you to get a feel for Spocket before determining which plan is right for your business! Starter, Professional, Empire, and Unicorn are the four price options available on Spocket. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are also available.

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