Your Day July 23 2020

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You roll out of bed around 9 am, put on a cup of coffee, and check your phone…

Your Shopify dashboard says $100 has already rolled in since midnight while you were asleep

You sip your coffee, eat some breakfast, get in the shower and then go to work for an hour…

But not at a cubicle or an office… just in your spare room at home, on your laptop.:-)

You work on some new Facebook ads, get a campaign launched, then hop in an Uber because…

You’re headed to visit your family abroad!

No worries over missing work, though… you already have your campaigns running.

In fact, you make more sales while on the flight sipping a complimentary glass of wine.

You land and are greeted by your family, and you grab some dinner.

When the bill comes, you offer to pay and don’t have an ounce of doubt in your heart because you’ve already earned the cost of dinner (and more) while taking the day to travel…

All thanks to your ecommerce store.

And you can continue to work an hour or two each day to keep sales rolling in, even on vacation… maybe after this trip you’ll fly somewhere exotic where a couple hundred USD will REALLY let you live like a king or queen.

Now this day might come for you sooner than July of next year…

It might come later…

Maybe it just won’t come at all?

But we’re looking for a few folks TODAY who want to have a better chance of getting there with the help of our VIP University mentorship.

Would you like to be one of them?

Shoot over an email to:

===> [email protected]

And my helper will get in touch with the details.

– Justin

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