Zipify OneClickUpsell: The Best 2020 Review of This Ecommerce App

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Mary visits your store after seeing a product that she just has to buy. She finds that perfect gift, enters her credit card information, feels all that excitement of her recent purchase, and then suddenly a new product from your store pops up with a 15% discount offer. Chances are, she’s going to make that purchase.

Welcome to the Zipify OneClickUpsell tool!

We here at BeyondSixFigures use the Zipify OneClickUpsell application exclusively for our online store and have seen excellent results ever since.

In that case, we wanted to share our honest review of the Zipify app and why we recommend it to all of our students!

About Zipify

Zipify was founded by Ezra Firestone, a fellow eCommerce store owner who found success in the industry – extremely. He understands what it takes to make it big in eCommerce, and that’s why we have a considerable amount of trust in the products that he markets!

Zipify itself is a Shopify store that sells ecommerce tools that will help grow your business.

Their premier marketing tools are developed by eCommerce experts and designed to up your game in the eCommerce industry. Currently, Zipify features two impressive eCommerce apps: Zipify Pages and Zipify OneClickUpsell. Both have brought a whole new level of innovation to the industry!

Today though, we’re going to narrow our focus on just one of these unique tools: Zipify OneClickUpsell.

Zipify’s New OneClickUpsell App

“On average, Shopify users increase sales 15% immediately after installing the app” – Zipify

One of Zipify’s latest releases is the powerful OneCLickUpsell application. This eCommerce tool is designed to make the upsell strategy easy to execute for online store owners.

This tool uses the power of not only the pre-purchase upsell strategy but also the innovative post-purchase upsell strategy as well. 

Product upsell on Zipify

Importance of the Upsell in Ecommerce

You can’t just bank on always finding new customers for your online store.

As an eCommerce store owner, we’re sure you know the higher costs associated with customer acquisition. As this infographic from the Invesp blog shows, “it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one.”

Upselling is one of the most popular techniques for increasing an online store’s AOV (Average Order Value). This strategy is when you offer customers either a higher tier or a variation of the same product. Upselling and cross-selling (offering other products that are typically relevant to the original one) are often mingled together in the selling world.

Customer in the purchasing process

The Difference Between Pre-Purchase Upsells and Post-Purchase Upsells

Many store owners hear about the upsell strategy and think it refers to just the last-ditch “Add to Cart” or “Here are other products you may like too” pop-ups that many eCommerce stores use. 

But that’s only HALF of it.

Did you know that you can also use the upsell strategy post-purchase? That’s where the Zipify OneClickUpsell developers hit the nail on the head!

Both pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells acknowledge the power of customer retention and how important it is to increase the AOV. However, that’s where the similarities end in how the strategies are executed.

Visual of Amazon's Upsell Tactic

Pre-purchase upsells refer to the strategies used to encourage customers to add more products to their shopping cart. These strategies may use tactics such as a “Before you click pay!” pop up or a “Frequently Bought Together” section (such as what Amazon uses so well). Though the problem with only using this strategy is that when it comes time for your customer to finalize their cart, they may be shocked at the total and end up removing an item or two.

Which is definitely not what you want.

On the other hand, the post-purchase upsell refers to an upsell strategy used after the customer has already entered their payment information and finished their order.

Seems a little unorthodox, right? Honestly, this is one of the most overlooked opportunities to upsell for many business owners.

Reading expert secrets book

When you work your upsell into the post-purchase moment, you still are catching the customer while you have their attention, giving them an even more enticing option to purchase another product. Sometimes this will include a discount or one-time offer, but that’s not always the case either. 

The point is that with a post-purchase upsell, the customer has already entered their payment information and finalized their first cart so when a great offer suddenly pops up, all they have to do is accept. There is no final cart total or time to change their mind; it makes the upsell that much easier.

The great thing about Zipify OneClickUpsell is that it gives the option to use BOTH of these strategies in one conveniently packed website tool.

How Does it Work?

The Zipify OneClickUpsell app works in three simple steps:

The Zipify OneClickUpsell Process


The customer reaches your checkout page and completes their original order.


Zipify OneClickUpsell then redirects them to your customized post-purchase offer page with your designated upsell.


After the customer clicks the “Accept” button in response to your enticing offer, they are directed to the OneClickUpsell “Thank You” page to complete their visit.

Zipify OneClickUpsell Features

  • One-Click Purchase: One simple button makes the process of upselling that much easier. Since the customer has already entered their payment information, all they need to do is click a single button to accept your post-purchase offer.
  • Mobile Responsive: The Zipify OneClickUpsell app works seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Nowadays, everyone is on a smartphone. If someone is scrolling through Facebook and hits an ad for a product they want to buy, technology makes it so that they can smoothly go through the purchasing process right from their phone. When that happens, you want your site to be ready.
  • Unlimited Pre & Post-Purchase Upsells: You are not charged based on the number of people who see your offers, which means you can happily upsell away without driving the price up.
  • Easy-to-Use Page Builder: The app starts you off with their already conversion-tested offer page, but then you can use their super simple page builder to tailor the offer page the way you want it.
  • Split Testing: Like running advertising, you wouldn’t just run one ad and cross your fingers that it’s in the right format to attract customers? That’s what A/B testing is for! With the Zipify OneClickUpsell app, you can run unlimited split tests to optimize your upsells. This allows you to continually test out what works with your customers and what doesn’t throughout the process.
  • Data Dashboard: An extensive data dashboard helps eliminate the guesswork out of how your upsell offers are performing. This makes it easy to track AOC, your best-converting products, funnels, and everything else that goes into the customer buying process.
  • Active Customer Support: For as long as you are a subscriber to the app, you will receive full in-app and email support from Zipify technicians for any glitches along the way.

BONUS FEATURE: When you purchase a subscription to the Zipify OneClickUpsell app, you also get 14 post-purchase email examples designed to help boost revenues, reviews & customer engagement as well!

Buying a new product on Shopify


The cost of the Zipify OneClickUpsell app works on a tiered system. This is done to give users a 3.5x – 320x ROI based on the price of their subscription. Pricing plans start off as low as $24.99/month and then gradually increase based on your pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell revenue. So, in other words, the prices only increase if the app is directly generating your store more income.

How’s that for a strong guarantee?

Pricing Plans

TIER 1 – $24.99/month

Up to $200 in total month upsell revenue

TIER 2 – $49.99/month

$200 – $400 in total monthly upsell revenue

TIER 3 – $59.99/month

$400-$500 in total monthly upsell revenue

TIER 4 – $79.99/month

Over $500 in total monthly upsell revenue

Pros vs. Cons


  • Easy way to get started increasing store profits
  • Unlimited opportunities to create funnels with Upsell/Downsell combinations
  • Robust support team
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A fee of 1.5% from each upsell
  • Limited customization options for the post-purchase page
  • No multi-currency support

Our Final Thoughts

The upsell strategy is crucial for the success of your online store. As we already talked about, when you compare the numbers, customer retention costs, and an average of five times less than acquiring new leads that convert.

Luckily, the Zipify OneClickUpsell app makes it easy to increase your average order value with minimal effort on your part. For a simple yet innovative and robust application, we think this is one of the best tools you can have on hand when starting your online store!

Click here to start your free 30 day trial of the Zipify OneClickUpsell app → Free 30 Day Trial

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