Sendcloud: Everything You Should Know About Europe’s #1 Shipping Tool for Online Stores

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Every business must start somewhere. Small businesses need a simple solution to get their business off the ground without having to spend a ton of money to get things moving. For most people, this is where Sendcloud comes into play. It’s a great place to pack your ecommerce business and have help with shipping and then some. 

Sendcloud is most known for their shipping process and if you have an online business that falls into ecommerce, they might just be the solution to help your business keep moving forward. 

Check out this intuitive guide to learn more about Sendcloud. 

What is Sendcloud? 

When it comes to ecommerce, shipping can be the absolute worst thing to manage. You’ve got to worry about tracking, getting things shipped out, and then dealing with lost packages and so on. The last thing you want to worry about is how to manage and streamline the shipping process. 

Well, that’s where Sendcloud comes in. It is the ultimate ecommerce shipping tool. You can customize anything you need to, but Sendcloud provides a dashboard to help you from printing all your labels to managing workflows and tracking packages. 

This is a shipping platform. It will not run your entire site or business. It’s designed to help you manage shipping practices specifically. It can be integrated with many ecommerce sites though. 

You subscribe to the service and get to enjoy the perks. Chances are, you will have happier customers and better shipping practices overall. 

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The Key Features of Sendcloud

The whole goal behind Sendcloud is shipping. This means that all the primary features of the platform focus solely on that process. You simply manage the process there, even though you might be shipping from several different locations. 

If you have a website through somewhere like Shopify or Wix, you can connect and utilize Sendcloud to help manage the workflows through those platforms too. 

Here are the most notable features regarding Sendcloud. 

  • Ability to customize messaging and tracking data to reflect your business logo and information
  • Connects to multiple shipping carriers
  • Discounted shipping rates among various carriers
  • Ability to integrate with your ecommerce platform (compatible with many of the top choices)
  • Employ multiple shipping methods for your customers
  • Creates labels automatically for you
  • Manages your shipping process from order completion to order delivery
  • Ship domestic or international
  • View analytics to help you strategize and adjust as needed

These are the main things that really stand out to us. Let’s dig just a bit deeper into some of the features that are designed to benefit you. 

Sendcloud and the Checkout Process

When a customer checks out on your website and Sendcloud is integrated, they won’t notice any difference in their process. They can choose their shipping method and provide their shipping details. 

Sendcloud is doing their processes on the backend. The checkout itself will be smooth and simple. If you want to offer your customers delivery the next day, you can do that with Sendcloud. You’ve got tons of options so your customer will see what you set up for them to have access to. 

This gives your customer the ability to feel in control of their purchase and completely informed along the way too. 

Print Labels in Bulk

We could be wrong, but we assume you are going to need to print multiple labels per day to manage packages going out. When you’re ready to print labels, you can print them in bulk very easily through Sendcloud. 

On your dashboard, you can print your labels all at one time and manage them before you print. This includes how you want the label to print, whether any part of the label is automated, and then even select the shipping carrier for the process. 

Tracking and Returning Packages

When the package ships, your customer will get a notification with their shipping information, and they get it automatically. You don’t have to go through and manually send emails with tracking details. 

Through their tracking email, they can see all the details. They can follow it from the time the label is printed until that package gets delivered to their doors. Remember that these emails and even the labels can all include your logos, and you can put contact information and other details on them as well. 

The emails will look like you sent them as a personal favor. It’s pretty neat. 

Next, if you have a return policy and the customer needs to return packages, all of that can also be managed through Sendcloud. It takes the responsibility off your shoulders. With Sendcloud, you can set it up to allow store credit or cash for returns. You can also create “reason for return” lines that the customer must complete to process the return. 

About the Analytics

Now, let’s talk about the analytics. All these little pieces all integrate to make the entire process worth the while. Analytics is data that you can review to see how much the process is working and whether you need to consider changing anything. 

Sendcloud has the analytics ready and available for you. See how many packages were sent, what options were used, and how effectively they worked for you and your customers. 

Sendcloud Pricing Details

Most of the time, making the decision on a product really boils down to what it’s going to cost. You must determine whether the tradeoff is worth the cost. If the cost can help the growth of your business run smoothly, it’s often worth the investment. 

On Sendcloud, you can sign up for free. That is just the initial signup process. One of the cool things is that your prices scale as your business scales so Sendcloud is designed to be compatible with your business in most cases. 

If you ship less than 100 parcels a month, the free package is a good fit. You can integrate 2 shops and 1 brand. You get access to the discounted shipping rates. 

If you ship between 100 and 400 packages each month, they have a small shop function that is 40 euros each month. This plan adds a branded return portal, up to 5 shop integrations, and your own shipping contract. 

The next level is large shop, which is 89 euros per month. You can integrate unlimited shops and get priority support. Add unlimited automated shipping rules, checkout plugin, and the pack & go feature. 

The Business plan is for more than 1,000 parcels each month. It’s 585 euros per month as well. You get everything else we’ve mentioned and then some. Here is where you can remove the Sendcloud watermark on labels and emails, add even more checkout plugins, and have access to a Customer Success Manager.

Finally, the Enterprise option is customized to the business. This is ideal for international scaling and growth. It has everything from all the other plans and adds shipping across borders, 300,000 delivery points, customized integrations, and premium tech support. 

It’s pretty neat to be able to get the free service when you’re just getting started and then as your business grows, your plan can grow as well. 

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Sendcloud Integrations

If you’re concerned about what you can or cannot integrate, you should know that you have tons of integration options. All the most popular ecommerce sources integrate with Sendcloud. This includes Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more. 

Of course, you also get to integrate with shipping carriers of your choice. Sendcloud has more than 80 of these so you will definitely have choices. You’ve got UPS, DHL, and an assortment of other popular carriers out there. You can use any or all of them. 


Sendcloud certainly has its advantages if you get overwhelmed by shipping processes. As your ecommerce business continues to grow, you’re going to need something to help you streamline the process. This is where Sendcloud comes in. It’s all about making your process simpler. 

If you’re in the process of taking your business to the next level, Justin Woll of Beyond Six Figures offers a variety of tools, including his free masterclass. This is your key to success and taking your business to the next level when you’re ready to take the leap. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sendcloud? 

Sendcloud is a shipping integration tool for ecommerce businesses. This platform allows you to manage shipping, print labels, and manage tracking all in one place. The intuitive dashboard gives you everything you need for shipping purposes and allows you to customize as well. 

Is Sendcloud Free?

There is a free version of Sendcloud for ecommerce businesses that ship less than 100 parcels each month. You will need to pay for your shipping, but you get discounts from the carriers. Your access will be limited but you get the basics for getting started. 

How Do I Use Sendcloud? 

To use Sendcloud, you just need to head to their site and set up your account. Choose the suitable plan. From there, take the time to set up and customize the details and integrate with your ecommerce platform. Sendcloud walks you through each step.

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