BeyondBusiness #5

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???? Get ready for a very special session of “BeyondBusiness #5”

Today, BSF’s very own, Thore Hauthal sits down with the one and only: Oliver Kenyon of Landing Page Guys.

Over the past years Oliver has been working with some of the largest brands and best known marketers in our space and became an authority in building high converting landing pages.

In this interview our very own Thore Hauthal, sits down with Oliver, to talk about the factors that make or break a phenomenal (& high converting) landing page and what you can do TODAY to increase your conversion!

I’m sure you guys will LOVE this one!

by the way, the messages y’all have been sending myself and the team about our efforts to provide even more value and content to you ladies and gentleman during this time has been incredible, we appreciate EVERYONE showcasing their gratitude!

See y’all later at 5PM ET, as we go LIVE for another VALUE PACKED SESSION…

But for now, BE SURE TO GIVE THIS EPISODE OF “BeyondBusiness” a watch, as this WILL give you actionable insights to implement TODAY, a 100% “CANT MISS” episode.


Your Favorite,

Justin Woll

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