CommerceHub: 10 Reasons Why Ecommerce Experts Rely on a Powerful Marketing Tool

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In addition to connecting store supply, demand, and delivery, CommerceHub assists brands and merchants in increasing sales by expanding product assortments, advertising, and selling items on the channels that perform best and ensuring speedy on-time delivery to customers. 

In 2016, the CommerceHub software assisted over 10,000 retailers, brands, and distributors in the generation of over $13 billion in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

For the most part, CommerceHub’s software platform streamlines integration and enables more efficient transactions between retailers, supplier customers, and other trading partners. 

It also allows them to access online marketplaces, search engines, social media, and digital marketing channels, among other things. Essentially CommerceHub is that tool that will elevate your online store’s marketing and promotional strategy.

As well as integrating with third-party providers, CommerceHub’s solutions assist clients in various ways. Kohl’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walgreens, Adidas, Dell, Toshiba, QVC, and Costco are just a few of the companies that use CommerceHub’s services.

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So, here are, in our opinion, the top ten reasons why eCommerce experts rely on CommerceHub.

10 Reasons Why Ecommerce Experts Rely on CommerceHub

1. Listing Optimization

With CommerceHub’s in-depth understanding of marketplace search algorithms, it delivers actionable information that the tool can use to make choices about improving the quality of your product content to match the expectations of customers and aligning the brand vision across your digital shelves.

If you are an eCommerce seller, you will probably need to build an optimized eCommerce product listing at some time in the future. 

Product listings that are both informative and convincing. A perfectly set product listing can significantly increase your sales and your product rating in search engines. If you make regular purchases on an online store, it’s likely that you’ve come across examples of lousy product listings that you may give you an idea of how important product listings are for your sales conversion.

CommerceHub helps your business list products faster and with optimized content that will help in native searches and conversions.

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2. Automated Marketplace Feeds

Your product data is transformed to the formats necessary to list items on each marketplace, allowing you to reach more consumers faster and with less friction. 

This allows you to concentrate on developing your business while CommerceHub enhances the abilities of your staff to operate your business.

It is essential to have an organized marketplace for your eCommerce Store, and CommerceHub has been helping a lot of eCommerce experts with that.

3. Brand Protection

CommerceHub can help you protect and expand your brand, whether via the use of a brand registry, branded storefronts, A+ content, or brand-centric advertising across search, social, and marketplace platforms.

This helps to produce results such as increased sales for online brands by assisting in the removal of low-cost counterfeits that compete for customers. When these types of imitations are eliminated from the market, genuine items will be perceived as more dependable and of higher quality.

Distributors, retailers, and other business partners will be much more willing to collaborate with you as a result of your enhanced reputation and recognition, which will make your brand that much more appealing.

4. Image and Video Creation

With the use of images and videos on marketplaces, CommerceHub can assist you in increasing conversions and providing more product context for your customers.

The newest rule of eCommerce is that in order for visitors to purchase a product, they must feel a sense of connection to it. 

While photographs provide a reasonable representation of how a product might seem and help visitors to engage with it more effectively, product videos fill in the gaps in the customer pleasure jigsaw by describing the usage or the aim of the product. Images and videos go hand in hand when it comes to assisting a customer in making an informed purchasing decision.

The pricing and revenue support from CommerceHub

5. Pricing, Inventory, and Fulfillment

Experts at CommerceHub provide pricing evaluations, inventory predictions, and fulfillment and shipping optimization advice and insights to customers. The best eCommerce solution is the one that provides the overview of pricing, inventory, and fulfillment of your eCommerce business.

CommerceHub provides all these solutions to the eCommerce experts so that they can better forecast their business.

6. Marketplace, Search, and Social Advertising

CommerceHub can create digital advertising campaigns that are personalized to your company’s needs in order to get you in front of more people and increase demand and recognition for your brand. CommerceHub’s goal is to optimize the return on your advertising expenditure.

Brand awareness is a measure of how well-known your company is among the people who are likely to buy your products or services. 

A digital brand awareness campaign seeks to raise awareness of your company’s products and services through engagement with and distribution of information through digital media. Rather than focusing on raising sales instantly through ‘aggressive’ marketing, brand awareness initiatives try to establish a long-term relationship between your product and your target consumer through word-of-mouth advertising. 

Positive associations surrounding your brand development in the minds of consumers as a result of your digital marketing and advertising activities, generating customer interest, trust, and loyalty – frequently even before the conversion occurs.

7. Deliver a Better Experience

CommerceHub allows you to keep complete control over the whole process by providing comprehensive visibility and responsibility at every stage. With the help of advanced analytics, you can keep track of the progress of every shipment from any supplier or vendor.

You may also handle issues in real-time – before they have an impact on your customers – by utilizing predefined protocols that are customized to your needs.

8. Solution for Brands

CommerceHub provides you with the competitive advantage you need to maximize your brand and prosper in today’s retail environment.

It is not about getting things listed everywhere; rather, it is about getting items listed everywhere that counts – ensuring that every listing is on-brand and on-strategy with the company’s overall plan.

CommerceHub offers the knowledge and experience to guide you through the maze of new markets and distribution channels that are emerging every day, allowing your customers to purchase your items wherever they shop.

CommerceHub Features

9. Solution for Retailers

CommerceHub feels that it is past time to consider beyond your own inventory and beyond the confines of a physical and mortar establishment.

Dropshipping allows you to deliberately grow your collection in order to better satisfy the requirements and expectations of each individual customer.

More product selections and personalization translate into increased sales and revenue for your company.

Dropship with a forward-thinking partner who invented and developed the technique. Make use of our worldwide network of trustworthy suppliers to connect to a virtual inventory that is carefully controlled according to your needs and preferences.

For more solutions for increasing sales conversions, make sure you check out,Frequently Bought Together and 3 Bonus Cross-Sell Apps to Make Your Store Work Like Amazon”

10. Superior Support

CommerceHub is more than simply a platform; it is a community of specialists that are committed to you and your company.

All participating merchants and suppliers have access to live, 24-hour customer service and technical support to ensure that efficiency, accuracy, and peak performance are maintained at all times.

Why Choose CommerceHub?

CommerceHub is helping online brands connect EVERYWHERE quicker and more efficiently. In today’s fast-moving world of eCommerce, we all know how important it is to find those “time saving hacks”. Ecommerce experts are usually running full tilt, wearing many different hats as they grow their empire. Through features that touch every step of the eCommerce journey from product listing to the secure delivery to your customer. That smooth of a process will eventually lead to many more happy customers who become dedicated repeat buyers.

Justin Woll, Ecommerce Expert, with awards

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What is a CommerceHub?

Frank Poore and Richard Jones launched CommerceHub in 1997 as an online marketplace. In addition to big retailers, marketplaces, consumer brands, and their suppliers, they are a leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce fulfillment and marketing solutions. 

They assist their customers in implementing strategies that enhance revenue through high-volume drop-ship programs while also achieving significant operational efficiencies in their eCommerce supply chain via the use of tailored business rules and procedures.

Is CommerceHub user friendly?

Yes, CommerceHub is very user-friendly. It provides all the solutions in one place organized in a professional manner.

Can you dropship with CommerceHub?

Yes, you can dropship with CommerceHub. CommerceHub assists the world’s biggest retailers and brands in expanding their product variety through high-volume drop-ship programs, as well as identifying the most appropriate marketplaces for their products.

Does CommerceHub save you money?

Yes, CommerceHub is the most cost-efficient solution for B2B and B2C businesses. Even a lot of dropshippers found it very beneficial in terms of finances.

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