Dropified vs Oberlo: Choose the Best Dropshipping App in 2021

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In the battle of Dropified vs Oberlo, we think the choice is easy. While these two dropshipping apps each boast incredible features that will benefit your store greatly, one of them stands out far greater.

Though honestly, if you are totally crunched for time and just looking for a quick answer, you can scroll down to the end of this article and find your solution. 

Some questions that might make this decision super easy for you are:

  • Is your store set up on Shopify? Or another platform?
  • Do you have the budget to add a new monthly cost?
  • Are your customers mainly US-based?

Although if you are a real eCommerce expert or even just at the beginning of your journey, you know you want to read the breakdown of each dropshipping app. That way, you will understand the features, compatibility, and pros and cons of each.

So without further ado, here is our detailed review of Dropified vs Oberlo.

Image reads - Dropified v Oberlo: The Dropshipping Tool Battle

What Are Dropified and Oberlo?

As a new or experienced dropshipping entrepreneur, you know how much work goes into having a successful store. From building a website to extensive eCommerce product research to executing the seamless transaction of goods to your customers, that is already a lot for one person to handle. 

This is where Dropified and Oberlo come in. 

Both of these applications are designed to automate and simplify the dropshipping process.

As the Oberlo app landing page states, “In just a few clicks, Oberlo’s dropshipping app lets you grab your goods, customize the details, then pull them into your online store, ready to sell.”

Both Oberlo and Dropified are two high powered software applications that help you find products to dropship across numerous sites, manage those products, and then ship them to expecting customers.

A visual of Oberlo's landing page

Oberlo was one of the first dropshipping apps when it was founded back in 2015. It is impressively established in the Shopify marketplace with a 4.1-star rating and boasts over 2000 reviews.

Meanwhile, Dropified was developed a bit later to meet the latest needs of dropshipping entrepreneurs worldwide. Where this software lacks in established years of existence, it makes up for it with updated features and extended capabilities.

Keep reading for a further breakdown of these two dropshipping apps and how they compare.

Dropified vs Oberlo – How They Stack Up

Basic Features

When you look at the basics of what these tools are designed to do, they are similar. 

In each app, you will find the ability to edit products and how they are displayed on your website from uploading custom product images, editing images and products in bulk, and customizing product descriptions using templates.

The ordering process is also relatively straightforward and similar, where you are granted an unlimited number of orders each month and a step-by-step ‘place order’ button.

Although this is where the similarities end between the two apps in regards to the basic features.

Dropified then takes it a step ahead with what they consider fundamental. Their most basic plan, the ‘Import Plan’features additional automating abilities such as auto ‘place order’ and ‘choose shipping order’ buttons. Their AliExtractor is a designated AliExpress product research tool that makes eCommerce product research easy to do from the app itself.

If you are still interested in other eCommerce product research tools, check out our reviews of ShopInspect and Niche Scraper, two tools for finding viral products in 2021!

Dropified vs Oberlo Category Winner: Dropified

Dropified vs Oberlo: Supported Ecommerce Platforms visual

Supported Ecommerce Platforms

Whether you are established with an online store or just getting started, we’re sure you’re already aware of the many different eCommerce platforms on the market. Shopify is, of course, the biggest and most famous eCommerce platform, but it certainly isn’t the only option. As the eCommerce industry grows, many other platforms are emerging and becoming fairly popular for online transactions. 

Dropified excels in this category because they support not only Shopify but also Woocommerce, CommerceHQ, GrooveKart, and BigCommerce. This means that even if your store is on a platform other than Shopify, you’re not limited as far as tools go.

On the other hand, Oberlo only supports stores using Shopify. So if you’re already set up on the platform, great! If not, you may want to consider Dropified for your dropshipping platform.

Dropified vs Oberlo Category Winner: Dropified

Screen Share of Dropified vs Oberlo: Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Both Dropified and Oberlo offer Chrome extensions that allow you to quickly find and import products into your online store.

With Dropified, you can import products from 75+ 1-click supported sites such as AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, Wayfair, Wish, and many other US-based suppliers.

On the contrary, the Oberlo Chrome Extension only lets you import products from AliExpress. 

This restriction by Oberlo is noticeable for stores with U.S. based clientele since Dropified makes it easy to ship products to U.S. customers in days versus weeks to ship overseas from China.

Dropified vs Oberlo Category Winner: Dropified

A visitor using customer support

Customer Support

When you’re handling everything online and don’t have a storefront that you can wander into when things go wrong, a good customer support team is crucial.

To help new users get started, Dropified offers a variety of pieces of training designed to help the newbie dropshipping entrepreneur get started. On their website, they also feature a series of articles to address common topics and issues. Their online chatbox allows you to quickly connect with a customer support representative though unfortunately, it is only accessible during regular business hours.

Like Dropified, Oberlo offers a full learning section through their Oberlo 101 Course, including free ebooks, a marketing hub, video tutorials, podcasts, and a statistics hub. They also run an Oberlo YouTube Channel with further resources for business owners regarding brand growth, marketing, etc.

Lastly, Oberlo has a 24/7 Help Center where customers can connect with support agents via a live webchat.

Dropified vs Oberlo Category Winner: Oberlo

Computer shopping the cost between Dropified vs Oberlo


While both apps allow you to try them out for free, the Dropified free trial is cut short after 14 days, when it will then ask you to choose a paid plan. 

Their paid plans differ in that the ‘Import’ plan is for dropshippers who source their products from AliExpress and eBay, while the ‘Private Label on Demand’ plan is designed for online entrepreneurs looking to build their custom brand. The ‘Import’ plan costs either $17 per month or $168 annually. Dropified’s ‘Private Label On Demand’ plan will run you $97 per month or $996 annually.

Meanwhile, Oberlo has an entirely free ‘Starter’ plan that allows users to upload and sell a maximum of 500 products at no cost. Then their plans grow to the ‘Grad’ plan for a $7.90 monthly payment or the ‘Boss’ plan with a $29.90 monthly fee.

Dropified vs Oberlo Category Winner: Oberlo

How Dropified Stands Out

Auto Place Order Button

In an attempt to reduce the number of order windows that you have open in AliExpress and prevent anti-fraud software from flagging you, Dropified created the Auto Place Order Button. This feature allows users to select multiple orders and then have them processed in the background. Hello, beautiful automation.

Dropified Ecommerce Tool: Auto Place Order

Captcha Solver

The High-Speed Captcha Solver feature handles all those annoying Captchas you run into as you’re adding products to your store. Don’t waste your time having to solve thousands of Captchas a day; you have much bigger business decisions to solve!


This incredibly innovative addon gives your store a professional edge with a way for customers or retailers to contact your business. Dropified’s CallFlex feature creates a Toll-Free Number or Vanity Number, which you can manage directly from the Dropified dashboard.

Screenshare of the Dropified Ecommerce Tool: CallFlex

Why We Think the Decision of Dropified vs Oberlo Should Be Easy

Due to its extensive features and expanded integration options, we think Dropified is the clear best choice between the two eCommerce apps.

This innovative tool works to acknowledge other essential aspects of running a dropshipping business, such as eCommerce research and customer communication, so that you have everything you need all in one.

That being said, because of the cost factor, Oberlo may be best for store owners who are just getting started and not ready to fork over the cash quite yet.

Though in our opinion, it’s better to invest in yourself even as you’re getting started to put your best foot forward when starting your business. Then you’ll be able to spend the time learning one tool instead of upgrading midway and having to learn everything all over again.

So in the battle of Dropified vs Oberlo, Dropified pulls a resounding win.

You can find both the Dropified app and Oberlo app in the Shopify app store.

Photo of Justin Woll - An eCommerce Mentor

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