I’m Sorry

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Hey, Justin here with an APOLOGY…

In fact, I’m a bit emotional writing this to you.

If you’ve been around a while on my email list or Facebook group, you know that one of the things that drives is helping as many people as I possibly can build a profitable ecom business.

Whether you’re just starting out and have a 9-5 you want to escape…

Have friends or family you want to support with some extra supplemental income…

Or just want to keep some money stashed away under your bed for a rainy day.

Yesterday, I know there were hundreds of people in your inbox telling you about their amazing Black Friday deals…

And one of the names missing from that list was MINE.

Now I could make the excuse that I was busy serving clients inside our 1-1 program or VIP University…

But that doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t give you a way to get my help for a special rate.

So today I’m making up for that with this apology…

And a $400 cash gift to you.

I TRULY believe that our BSF University 2.0 is a steal at its regular price.


Because we give you the means and the method to pick and launch UNSATURATED products that have the potential to scale to 5 and 6 figures…

We HAND OVER our entire store template that’s made us $40k+ in single days so you can copy and paste it without an ounce of ‘tech skills’…

And guide you step by step through launching a profitable ad campaign with just a tiny $5/day budget to start.

But maybe I’m a little biased?

That’s totally fair.

People like TJ thought that too, before he joined us in the BSF world.

Just 14 hours ago he posted in our Facebook group:

“Hit my first 1k day within the first week of launching today! Seriously if you are on the fence about doing this just go for it.”

As I’m writing this, another post came in from Carlos who said:

“Hey Guys! Just hit my highest day yesterday in Black Friday ($4,639) thanks to my brother Justin Woll!”

And I’ll never forget when Shonne said…

“There is so much noise on the market today that it is really hard to hear whos right. However, when I found the BSF program I knew I was in the right place.

With all of the feedback and student results, I knew success would be guaranteed if I was willing to put in the hard work.In the end, it all paid off:

In the first 15 days of launching, I have already reached 5 figures in sales.”


And to be completely transparent…

Even with $400 off, you may be concerned about investing into your business and financial future if you’re not sure it’ll work for you.

Today, more than ever, we need to be careful with our money.

I watch my money like a momma duck watches over her ducklings.

But here’s what I desperately want to get across to you…

You know those students I mentioned above? It’s rare a day goes by where I DON’T get messages like that.

What if they had decided not to make that initial investment with me?

What would NOT investing have cost them?

What would it have cost their families?

What would have it cost them in precious time?

You see…

Our BIGGEST expense in life is not so much what we spend, but our biggest expense is the money we COULD be making, but we’re not.

Are you getting a sense of that?

I know I’ve been throwing around some pretty fat numbers.

It’s because I’ve been around the block so many times I know $1000 a day is doable for just about anyone with the right effort and patience.

And scaling it up to $25k a week is totally possible when you approach FB systematically with proven processes.

But let’s ditch those numbers for a moment.

Forget the big numbers.

My first goal for you is to get you to $100 a day in PROFIT.

If you’ll commit to putting my system into place…$100 a day is child’s play.

And if my math is right?

$100 a day is $3000 a month.


$3000 a month may not be a lot by some people’s standards.

But that’s also $36,000 a year which is yours.

Don’t know what you might do with it?

Could you buy a car? (Decent, not fancy transportation.)

Could you pay off some credit cards?

Could you put a down payment on a house?

Could be a fantastic “Plan B” retirement plan if you’re behind saving for retirement?

Maybe you’ve got kids going to college? ($36,000 would pay for a couple days:-)

So, here’s why I’m making a fuss about this…

If you do nothing, sure you might “save” the tuition to our BSF University, but at what cost?

Do you want to give up $36,000 a year?

Maybe more? Maybe a LOT MORE.

I’m saying this from the heart, I hope it’s coming across that way.

I just KNOW because I’ve seen it over and over what a good person with a little commitment can do when they put my FB systems to use.

Even if they’re starting from scratch…

Even if they start with a $5 per day ad budget…

I’ve got proof coming in almost every day.

Whatya say?

Will you accept my $400 gift and apology for not sending this out yesterday?

I sure hope so.:-)

Talk soon,


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