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Justin here – important announcement to make.

Yesterday I sent an email about our VIP University and mentioned our Viral Product Vending Machine

Some people were confused about what it was… a new product, product finding software, something else?

So I wanted to clear the air and be clear – it’s our product research method that we use in our VIP University (and other programs).

It helps us ASSESS which products have the potential to scale to 5 or 6 figures… not find them.

(and yes, it works even if you have no experience selling in ecommerce).

With it, we can identify products that:

A) Are ALREADY selling on platforms outside of Facebook (where you’ll be selling)

B) Have at least 4 of the 7 qualities of a scalable, winning product. (you’ll get access to these winning product identifiers in the VIP university).


C) ISN’T already saturated in the dropshipping world

So instead of sorting through product after product like a kid in a toybox, not even knowing what you’re really looking for…

It’s all streamlined and done step-by-step. Just punch in a potential winner on one end and see if it comes out on the other side as hot or not.

Now, not every product that comes out will be a viral, 6-figure winner.

Usually about 1 in 20 will be a real cash cow…

Again – this is part of our VIP University which closes down for the year in a few days.

Hope that clears things up!

If you want in, send an email to:

⇒ [email protected]

And we’ll get you all the info. 🙂

– Justin

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