Out of the Sandbox Themes – The 7 Best for Your Website

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A website is the backbone of your eCommerce business. Without a unique and responsive website, your chances for success in the online sales world are honestly slim to none. 

So what’s the key to creating a website that empowers your business? A strong theme.

We here at BeyondSixFigures know the importance of using a theme that can meet all the needs of an eCommerce expert, and so that’s why we work exclusively with Out of the Sandbox themes.

Continue reading for an overview of all that Out of Sandbox has to offer which theme is our number one choice!

Importance of Using a Theme

Themes are more than just colors and designs, though they play a big part in that too. 

But did you know how vital themes are for the general functions of your website as well?

Themes are crucial for the responsiveness of your eCommerce online store. Why is responsiveness important?

Responsiveness = Sales


A view of a website's traffic page

How many times have you tried to buy something online just to be halted by a slow loading website or hit by an error message?

Sale ended. You’re already on the way to another website to find the same product.

As a Wishdesk article states, “Google notes two significant reasons for lower conversion rates: first if your web page load time is higher than the ideal time (3 to 4 seconds), and secondly if your site is not mobile-friendly.” 

So there you have it, lack of responsiveness is one of the leading reasons why website visitors don’t convert into sales. 

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Website theme houses such as Out of the Sandbox stay up to date with web server updates and other changes to keep your online store running as smoothly as possible. If your theme seems to be glitching, your theme company is the first outlet that you can turn to figure out what in the world went wrong.

That leads us to our second point, support.

Out of the Sandbox Support

Experienced and established theme vendors such as Out of the Sandbox come with support.

Download a plugin, and all of a sudden, your website is sending error messages? Contact your Out of the Sandbox support.

You are looking to increase your website accessibility but not sure which is the most effective and efficient plugin to extend your website’s capabilities? Contact your theme support.

Established themes come equipped with their customer support team ready to assist you with any issue you encounter.

Whether your website crashes or an essential plugin stops working, the customer service that comes with a theme is usually top-notch and ready to assist you with any difficulties you’re facing.

An overview of all the Out of the Sandbox themes

Why Out of the Sandbox?

From creative designs and exclusive innovations, this theme house boasts a wide array of choices.

Their themes are visually stunning, responsive, feature a stable codebase, and have comprehensive and intuitive options.

Out of the Sandbox support also features one of the highest levels of customer engagement that you can find in the business. Their representatives are ready to assist you with any issues that you encounter when setting up your website with their theme.

Plus, all of their themes are regularly updated. That way, you can be confident that you have the latest modifications and settings for your online store’s website.

Continue reading for our top pick for what we think is the best theme that Out of the Sandbox has to offer in today’s competitive field.


An Overview of the Out of the Sandbox Themes

Snapshot of the Out of the Sandbox Parallax theme

Parallax Theme

The Parallax Theme was the first of the Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes to feature the super trendy parallax effect. If you haven’t heard of it yet, this effect uses multiple backgrounds that all move at different speeds as the visitor scrolls giving the appearance of more depth to the page.

Some of the other unique features include:

  • Hero Video
  • Sticky Menus 
  • Optimized for large image 
  • Promotional Banner

This theme is excellent for using large imagery and creating a bold impact on visitors.

Parallax theme template example

Artisan Theme

The Artisan Theme is described as one of the most inspiring and playful themes that Out of the Sandbox has to offer. This theme is designed with merchants who offer professional services versus physical products in mind. It features customizable banner overlays, unique background shapes, clean layouts with plenty of room for customizing.

With the Artisan Theme, you can create portfolio pages or lookbooks to feature your brand’s work and style through gallery assembled content. This theme will help your brand stand out from websites all across the net.

Snapshot of the Out of the Sandbox Retina theme

Retina Theme

The Retina theme is the Shopify Ecommerce Design Award winner, which brings designers and developers that work on Shopify together in competition. So you know this theme’s design is out of this world.

This Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme is used for its bold colors, high-impact designs, and customizable features. The dismissable promotional banner makes it easy to feature sales, promotions, or discounts at the top of your page while still allowing visitors to click away if they aren’t interested. Special page templates make it easy to customize different areas of your website as you wish.

Snapshot of the Out of the Sandbox Mobilia theme

Mobilia Theme

The Mobilia Theme boasts a clean and modern look, making it popular for fashion, beauty, and food shops. This theme features a header that can be customized with different sections to offer easy navigation for visitors. The other menu options include a multi-level menu for added navigation ease and a mega menu that can accommodate multiple menu columns.

Quick shop, product zoom, product filtering, and related product features make this theme a solid choice for any eCommerce store.

Snapshot of the Out of the Sandbox Responsive theme

Responsive Theme

As we discussed earlier in this post, responsiveness is crucial for a successful website and online store. So it’s no wonder why the Out of the Sandbox Responsive Theme boasts the title of the Best Reviewed Shopify Theme of All Time

This theme is highly customizable, from layout to typography. The theme is robust and flexible for an outstanding visitor experience.

The increased responsiveness features allow this theme to move seamlessly from desktops to tablets to mobile devices.

Snapshot of the Out of the Sandbox Turbo theme

Turbo Theme

The Turbo theme is one of Out of the Sandbox’s latest theme creations. This theme has received high praise for its unmatched speed, performance, and style.

Out of the Sandbox designed the Turbo Theme to create a smooth and seamless experience for every site visitor. 

Some of the Turbo Theme’s unique features include:

  • Super quick page load times
  • High impact, homepage galleries for images
  • Smart page preloading for increased page load speed
  • Two-speed settings to add a higher level of speed to the theme itself
  • Predictive search options

On top of all the speed improvements for user experience, the Turbo Theme also is highly customizable. Use the theme editor to tweak sections of pages through CSS customization features. Upgraded product layouts will give your website an even greater unique look as well.

Snapshot of the Out of the Sandbox Flex theme

Flex Theme

The Flex Theme is Out of the Sandbox’s most recent release and comes with a new definition of customizable.

The Flex Theme gives you complete freedom to make your website look exactly how you pictured from multiple layouts and section options and easy CSS add-on features. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin; the theme comes with 13 unique style variants to get you started.

The Flex Theme is perfect for developers, freelancers, agencies, and other creatives who want the freedom to design a website as they wish while still benefiting from the support of an established theme house.

Why Justin Woll Recommends Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes – Turbo Theme

For a successful eCommerce site, you need to have the best of the best.

Out of the Sandbox produces Shopify themes that are just a step above their competition. When they launched the Turbo Theme, it took that level even higher. 

That’s why Justin Woll, a three-time multiple comma award-winning eCommerce entrepreneur, uses this Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme exclusively and recommends it for all of his eCommerce students as well.

At BeyondSixFigures, we’re all about finding the best of the best. The turbo theme is the newest addition to the Out of the Sandbox themes family, which means all new innovations and improved features.

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A view of a responsive website design

In Conclusion…

In simple terms, if you’re creating a website, you need a theme. Out of the Sandbox boasts a wide selection of theme choices to meet any brand’s needs. From unique designs to innovative features, you can’t go wrong with this impressively built theme house.

Even further, the Out of the Sandbox Turbo Theme is used and comes highly recommended by Justin Woll for all of his BeyondSixFigures students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Out of the Sandbox?

Out of the Sandbox is an independent theme designer and developer that creates powerful and beautiful themes with eCommerce websites in mind. They are an official Shopify Partner meaning that they are endorsed by the biggest name in eCommerce online store development.

Where is Out of the Sandbox located?

This company is based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

How much is Turbo theme Shopify?

$350 that includes all of Turbo’s built-in styles (Portland, SeoulFlorenceChicagoDubai and Tennessee). While the Turbo theme is not available to purchase from the Shopify store, you can purchase it directly from the Out of the Sandbox shop.

What is Turbo theme Shopify?

The Turbo theme is a fully loaded, premium theme for Shopify Pro users. It features high-demand functionality, reliable performance, and rich design flexibility for eCommerce beginners and professionals alike.

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