PageFly [2021]: The Ultimate Custom Shopify Page Builder for a Modern Store

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A unique website is crucial to building a memorable online store. With Shopify being such a popular platform for ecommerce stores, it’s bound to happen that your store will get lost amid generic Shopify store templates. When you are already trying to make your store and products stand out against the fierce competition that 2020 brought for the ecommerce industry, a flat website design is not ideal. That’s where PageFly will become your new best friend!

Building a Shopify site with PageFly

What is PageFly?

PageFly is a drag-and-drop page builder specifically for Shopify store websites. This app makes it easy to design custom and unique websites for your ecommerce store. Its unique features and responsive support team have quickly gained its place as the most trusted and loved page builder of Shopify users.

(Although if you are not quite ready to leap into page designing, Shopify does offer several themes such as the impressive Out of the Sandbox theme house that will also add an air of uniqueness to your website without diving into a new app)

PageFly is a simple app that you can download from the Shopify app store. Similar to other Shopify applications, you can quickly find and add PageFly from your Shopify admin dashboard.

PageFly: A website page builder for Shopify

User Friendliness

One of the best aspects of Shopify is how user-friendly the platform is. This characteristic is what makes it so popular for new ecommerce entrepreneurs to open their online stores. Similar to Shopify, the PageFly app has proved to be just as user-friendly.

PageFly is perfect for any website builder, from beginner to advanced. PageFly offers 70+ templates that you can either customize and use as is or use as a base to build on for the beginner. 

How to Build Your First Page

PageFly makes it easy to start building your website pages as soon as you download the app.

From the initial dashboard, you will click on the purple “Build a Page” button. From there, it will direct you to choose what type of page you want to build. Their page types coordinate with Shopify’s options, so instead of a “Landing Page,” you would simply choose the “Regular” page option.

Further options beyond this “Regular” page will depend on your plan level. However, every PageFly user will have the options of either a custom homepage, a custom product page, and a custom about us page.

A display of PageFly 50+ templates

Once you’ve chosen your base page type, you can either start with a blank page or select one of PageFly’s many templates. Each is designed with specific purposes or seasonal themes in mind. Then even from there, you can add further customization with their simple drag-and-drop page builder.

As if we haven’t stressed it enough – PageFly is all about customization, customization, and MORE CUSTOMIZATION.

How does PageFly affect your page loading speed?

As digital marketers know all too well, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative for a successful online store that drives traffic. Page speed is the amount of time it takes for a single website page to load for visitors. A slow-loading website is damaging to your overall SEO score and will eventually hurt your Google rankings. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns for any website addition is the effect that it will have on your site’s page loading speed.

Luckily, using a page builder such as PageFly has not proven to have any adverse effects on a website’s page loading speed. With a more interesting design, using PageFly will help lower the website bounce rate and increase interest for visitors.

Though, of course, it all depends on how you build the page. The more large images you include, the slower your website will load no matter what app or program you use.

What does it cost?

The best feature about PageFly? For a basic website setup, you don’t have to pay a dime!

Unlike other website page builder alternatives, PageFly offers a free plan equipped with the ability to customize the three main pages of an online store website: a homepage, a product page, and an about us page.

Free Plan Features: Includes all page elements, all page templates, a custom code editor, one saved selection, three history versions, one page per page type, and limited tracking sessions.

Though when you’re ready to expand beyond those three pages, PageFly features three other paid plans on top of their free version. The paid plans start at $19/month and go up to $99/month for the larger enterprise. 

A display of the PageFly pricing plans

Luckily with such an extensive free version, you have the opportunity to test out the app before you commit to the expense.

PageFly Reviews

Still not convinced? Check out these reviews from other happy customers!

“Very versatile app to customize responsive pages! This app is perfect! Plus, their support is very very helpful!” – Nico (March 25, 2021)

“Added the app about a week ago and I’ve been off to the races making MUCH more engaging pages for our site. It takes a bit to learn the hierarchy of the different sections, columns, rows, etc. but once you follow the breadcrumb trail they provide, it’s pretty intuitive. I’m thrilled with the app and wish I had found it months ago. Finally an easy way to create amazing webpages inside of Shopify. Two thumbs up from me.” – SentryTell (March 18, 2021)

“We are brand new to Shopify and building a website. We are not coders so we wanted a solution to be able to customize our pages, including our Product Page. This is PERFECT! I love the drag/drop and blank template DIY they offer. I had an issue the first day we used PageFly, their chatbot help feature rocks!” – Paw Brite Gear (March 17, 2021)

PageFly Support

Let’s say you are on the path to building the best webpage ever, but the features start dragging or not working quite so well.

Luckily for you, another great feature of PageFly is its impressive level of customer support. They offer 24/7 live chat support to address any troubles that you may encounter. Their support team is based worldwide, so you can guarantee that there will always be somewhere available to assist you.

Furthermore, they offer a risk-free guarantee where you can cancel any of their plans any time if you find that this just isn’t the program for you. How’s that for customer care?

Woman calling for PageFly customer support

Moving Beyond Shopify

While Shopify is a popular platform for many new ecommerce entrepreneurs, it is certainly not the only direction you can take for building an online store. 

Have you heard of OpenCart, an all-in-one open source ecommerce platform? Or Majento, OpenCart’s greatest competitor?

WooCommerce is an alternative option for those who would rather sell from their WordPress-built website. Meanwhile, BigCommerce is another powerful ecommerce platform that features more opportunities for larger-scale businesses.

Of course, you could always build your business on the insanely popular Amazon platform. Still, we definitely advise you to check out our review of  Shopify vs. Amazon before you make the big switch!

Whichever platform you choose to build on depends on the size and direction you plan to take your business! Though rest assured, if you stick with the tried and true platform of Shopify, PageFly is how you can truly create an online store that converts.

Our Final PageFly Review

For its simple yet powerful app features, PageFly excels in our eyes. We appreciate the level of customization that you can access through this software. Beginners can start slow with already built page templates and the super user-friendly drag-and-drop builder to launch their website. Meanwhile, those who are more advanced will find delight in the powerful SEO features and abilities to optimize pages with Custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

Even more so, the price tag for this app is ideal. The robust free plan that they offer allows you to test out PageFly with a few different pages and either hang out at that level without additional capital OR build from there into one of their three other paid plans.

Overall we think this is a great app to take your simple, default Shopify website up a notch and really stand out against the sea of online businesses.

Visual of Justin Woll in front of a Shopify sign

Building Your Ecommerce Success

Between Shopify and PageFly, you have two powerful tools at your hands to launch your online store. However, a successful ecommerce business consists of more than just a beautiful, modern website. 

2020 drove online shopping through the roof, thus inspiring the launch of THOUSANDS of new ecommerce businesses. If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur, we’re sure you already know the kind of competition this created.

So how do you stand out?

The key is to find an ecommerce coach that will help you navigate through the start of your business venture.

Justin Woll is the owner and founder of BeyondSixFigures, an ecommerce company that helps students every day find success in the ecommerce industry.

The BeyondSixFigures Personal Mentorship & Mastermind Experience was just completely updated in 2021 and now brings you the industry’s BEST training.

If you’re interested in building your ecommerce business with Justin Woll’s guidance and his proven methods that create natural and sustainable success, schedule an appointment!

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