A Complete Review of Partial.ly and the 9 Most Powerful Features

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Has the idea of wanting to provide flexible and custom plans to your customers ever occurred to you? Do you want to increase your sales and conversion rates? Here we will discuss an application called Partial.ly, which can reduce all types of headaches regarding the collection of payments

Partial.ly Improves Your Customer’s Experience

We’ve all gone through that shopping regret or “buyer’s remorse” after going a little too crazy with our shopping habits. For some, that can happen as soon as they go to finalize their cart. Of course, you never want your customers to experience this regret of doing business with you, and certainly not before they hit that final “Complete Payment” step. You know that due to your dutiful ecommerce product research, that doesn’t mean you need to lower your prices. Instead, a simple payment plan option may be the solution. This way, you will still receive the total desired amount for your services or products, and your customer can feel confident with what they are spending.

The Partial.ly app for E-commerce stores comes equipped with features that can help you increase your sales, thus jumpstarting the growth of your business. Quickly and easily, you can assemble a payment plan within the app with customized settings. You can determine the period and frequency of payment plans to be convenient and easy for your customers. That way, they can make purchases without worrying about affordability or finances.

Why choose Partial.ly?

  • One of the main reasons to work with Partial.ly is to offer a flexible payment plan option available directly from your checkout process.
  • Your customers can customize their Partial.ly payment plans according to the limits that you have set.
  • Once set, the actual payment process is automated so that cash lands in your bank account without you having to worry about how to transfer it.

Partial.ly Logo

How can I use the app for my business?

The setup of Partial.ly is simple and straightforward. We love the fact that you can quickly get started using Partial.ly on your e-commerce store in little to no time.

  • It costs nearly nothing. Partial.ly does not require a credit card to get started or any monthly or fixed fees.
  • Partial.ly seamlessly integrates with Stripe for payment processing.
  • Over 6,500 businesses use Partial.ly!

Visual of a customer using Partial.ly for partial payment

Just imagine if a customer visits your online store, adds a lot of things into their cart but suddenly either removes them all or abandons the cart entirely. Have you ever wondered why? The reason might be that they ran into a financial hiccup. Especially if your products or services cost a significant amount, this can deter potential customers who may see it being too expensive for them. A simple partial payment plan option can make a high-priced service or product seem less significant and overwhelming. This moment is right where Partial.ly comes into play. Partial.ly offers features that are helpful for the growth of your sales and make it easy for customers to pay. It is full of features that allow a merchant to manage thousands of active payment plans. You can easily set payment amounts, frequency, and duration of the payment plans for the ease of your customers.

Partial.ly Features

Here are the top nine features of the Partial.ly app that we are huge fans of.

Easy Automated Payments: You can easily automate your collections and bills according to your own needs and specifications. You can do this with scheduled and automated payment plans.

Customized Customer Plans: You can boost your sales by providing a payment plan that works best for you and your customers. Your customers can customize plans with the help of the limits that you have set.

Flexible Manual Payments: You can efficiently process previously scheduled payments early. Partial.ly lets you process a custom payment in any amount, and you can automatically adjust the remaining payment schedule.

Global Ecommerce-Ready: One of the best features of the Partial.ly app is that it boasts businesses in 25 countries worldwide, from Australia to the US, and more countries are being added to the list.

Total Payment Plan Control: You can set down the payment, the frequency and duration, and the additional line items fee if needed. You can set plans that fit well with your business’s processes.

Industry-Leading Security: This app features Industry leading encryption and security best practices. Partial.ly does not contain any of your information about the payment plans.

Convenient Merchant Portal: It is a convenient app for all merchants. Here you can easily manage plans, process payments, open payment plans, and monitor payment plan activity.

Automate Communication: Fully automated emails for both the merchants and the customers help to manage the payment plans well.

Cash in the Bank: You can monitor your payment process in Partial.ly, and your payments automatically arrive in your bank account.

Partial.ly also has features that involve invoicing and payment processes. You can schedule meetings with your clients for products and services but sometimes collecting payment on time is the main hurdle. Partial.ly allows you to set up automated payment plans with the clients to make invoicing and collection easy. You can increase your cash flow while keeping the clients happy. Partial.ly can be set up independently or used alongside Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or Harvest to take your current invoices into Partial.ly with just a few clicks. Save yourself from the annoyance of chasing clients and waiting for payments. 

An example of Partial.ly offer examples

Partial.ly Across Various Industries

Some examples of sectors where Partial.ly can be used for issuing invoices are:


If you have a business that works in the education industry, Parial.ly makes it easy for you to manage courses and tuition payments. This option makes it easier for your customers who may already have to pay for books, other classes, etc.

Travel & Recreation

Businesses involving travel and vacation can also benefit from Partial.ly. Due to the heavy amounts of flights, hotels, and luxury travel packages, many customers may find it difficult to make those high payments. With these payment methods, they can devise a plan for flexible payments to achieve the trip of their dreams.

Medical and Dental

Patients should have the flexibility that Partial.ly has to offer so that they can focus on their own health rather than financial details and obstacles. They will pay with their ease and flexibility, and Partial.ly payment plan software can modernize your operation, letting you highlight patient care.

Housing and Rental Properties

Landlords can process payments through Partial.ly to quickly divide a year’s rent into separate monthly payments. Take the year 2020 for example. With payment plans, tenants could find relief from financial hardship during difficult times, while landlords could keep a reliable cash flow.

Product Launches

If your business involves product launch, use Partial.ly payment plan software to make it convenient for your customers to try out a product or service. With this software, you can easily create custom, automated payment schedules that are suitable for your needs. You can choose to make a small down payment that is easier for your customers to digest. Then Partial.ly can automatically bill the rest to complete the payment.

Paartial.ly offers partial payment plan options in the education sector and hospitals. From travel agents to landlords, Partial.ly allows you to create the perfect payment plan for your client.

An example of customization options for Partial.ly


Additionally, for increased efficiency, Partial.ly has integrations that are perfect for your business.

Ecommerce Integrations:

  • Shopify
  • Woo-commerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Opencart

Example of Partial.ly Ecommerce Integrations

Partial.ly Invoicing Integrations:

  • Quickbooks
  • Freshbooks
  • Harvest

Example of Partial.ly Invoice Integrations

Dental and Medical integrations include:

  • Open Dental Software
  • Sikka


Partial.ly will not charge any hidden fees. It has a transparent and transparent pricing structure. All the fees and costs are included, even the credit card processing fees of 5% + $30 per transaction. It has the same price across all currencies. Partial.ly works in collaboration with Stripe to make payment plans and accept payments. Therefore, Partial.ly can accept payments in any currency supported by Stripe. 

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Why do I need Partial.ly for my business?

  • It is easy to make payment plans and send them to clients. With Partial.ly, you can regulate and maintain complete control over partial payment plans.  With this powerful app, you can make payment plans, add additional fees and interest, plus so much more.
  • This software lets you decide which payment plan to choose and which one you prefer. In this way, you can structure and organize the payment plans to your own liking.
  • If you, as the merchant, become overwhelmed, you can turn off the option for the customers to make their own payment plans. Yet still, your customers can choose the payment plan and payment amount every month.
  • Using Partial.ly, you can even refund a payment. Though it’s important to note, you can only refund cards that initially made a payment. If the card is canceled or expired, the refund will come to the bank account related to the card in the next 5-6 days. So, what’s the wait? Why stress over your pending payments. Settling payments is now just a click away.

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Automated payments have never been more manageable! With Partial.ly, you can easily create a payment plan option for your ecommerce store to increase your sales conversion rate. After you have established a partial payment plan with your customers, it’s easy to manage numerous plans with different payment methods from various countries. Unlike many powerful tools like these, Partial.ly offers transparent pricing with all fees included. This app is excellent for businesses in any industry and comes highly recommended by our team!

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