The Essential Printful Review for Smart Ecommerce Experts in 2021

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If you’ve ever heard of dropshipping or read articles about how to start a t-shirt company or even ones about starting your clothing line or print-on-demand items, you’ve probably already heard of Printful.

They are a leading retailer of Printful shipping merchandise, having printed over 2 million t-shirts since 2013 and now service over 300,000 sellers!

Due to the fact that they deliver quality items at a great price and excellent support, they’re an entrepreneur’s first preference when it comes to starting out in the dropshipping industry.

Let’s get started with this Printful review, where we’ll talk about what Printful does, the goods and services they have, and what makes them so good at what they do.

What Exactly is Printful?

Printful is an on-demand website that gives you access to everything you need to start selling personalized clothes and accessories on the internet. 

You can use the Printful mockup builder to create anything from phone cases and jewelry to hats and t-shirts with your designs. Furthermore, since Printful allows you to start selling using the hands-free dropshipping process, you won’t have to think about keeping any inventory. 

Instead, you only need to worry about partnering with suppliers to deliver the finished products directly to your customers.

Printful has a great range of resources for creatives who want to learn more about the advantages of low-cost drop shipping for their companies. 

Suppose you’ve always wanted to market your own exclusive items, such as personalized leggings or laptop covers. In that case, Printful will help you do so without having to worry about warehousing or stock management.

This Printful review will also assist you in getting started with basic lessons that will walk you through everything you need to know. This review will provide information on the drop shipping model, on-demand printing facilities, and how to create a global empire.

Printful review - Everything you need to know about this Ecommerce tool

Features and Workings of Printful

T-shirts, hats, stickers, throw pillows, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, and other clothing, shoes, and homeware items are available through Printful’s drop ship program. For a variety of eCommerce purposes, their service is ideal.


  • They don’t have any minimum purchasing requirements so that you can buy as little as one thing at a time.
  • You won’t have to own or maintain any inventory (printing machines, cosmetics, etc.) because they’ll take care of it.
  • There are no recurring charges.
  • In most cases, products are delivered within three days.
  • In the case that an object is missing or destroyed in storage, they can reship it.
  • They have customized label choices such as custom packing slips and logo stickers on the packaging.
  • Printful provides the goods, prints on them, wraps them, and ships them directly to your customers; all you have to do is give them orders and the shipment specifics, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Printful product options

Printful unique custom products

Printful Shipping Details

Printful shipping specializes in assisting you in creating goods for your business and handling the delivery as well. They have all of the appropriate tools and services to help you seamlessly incorporate the drop shipping process into your eCommerce website platform so that your customers have a smooth experience. 

They have many eCommerce platform integrations, so you can use their service regardless of the platform you want to sell on. The Printful shipping process is transparent about their product and shipping pricing, so you can easily understand their costs and apply them to your product markups, they provide design, photography, and branding services, and they’re based in North America.


A view of how Printful assists in pricing and profits

Who Can Benefit from this Printful Review?

Printful is for eCommerce merchants who want the convenience of selling Printful mockup products without sacrificing quality or branding. 

Printful is the place to go if you want to sell your designs to customers on custom t-shirts, canvases, phone cases, pillows, and more! This tool is also perfect if you’re going to start any kind of product-based business without worrying about inventory or production materials.

They are constantly expanding their service and product offerings, and the number of their users continues to rise due to their responsiveness to all customers’ needs and suggestions. 

Their efficiency, transparency, high-quality product offerings, and diverse selection are all reasons for their success. Their ability to collaborate with businesses to help them provide the best service for their customers is what keeps them growing!

When it comes to working with Printful, you don’t even have to have any prior business experience. Although that’s why reading a Printful review such as this one can help with the start!

Printful mockup services are available to seasoned entrepreneurs and new business owners, so if you’ve never started your own business or sourced products from a supplier before, give them a shot! 

There are no minimum order requirements, no monthly fees, and you only pay for orders as they are placed, making it a low-risk way to launch your own business.

A list of all the Printful integrations featured in this Printful review

Several eCommerce Platform Integrations

Printful works with the most popular eCommerce sites and installation for most of them are fast and straightforward. You won’t have to manually manage each customer’s order and upload them to Printful if you integrate Printful with your eCommerce shop. 

When you incorporate Printful into your eCommerce site, any time your customers place an order, it is immediately submitted to Printful, and you don’t have to do anything. Printful Shopify makes it even easier for many eCommerce business owners who use this highly popular hosting site.

This automation guarantees that orders are delivered quickly and efficiently to Printful without any risk of missing the order or making an error in the order specifics during the transition.

Printful features integrations with the following eCommerce platforms:

  • Printful Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Etsy
  • Etsy
  • Gumroad 
  •  Big Cartel 
  • Gumroad 
  • Ecwid 
  • Ecwid 
  • Weebly
  • Inktale 

Alternatively, you can use an API integration to link your store to Printful.

Visit Printful’s eCommerce Drop Shipping Integrations page for more detail and comparisons of the platforms with which Printful works.


One of the most significant advantages of using Printful is that there are no upfront charges. A few other printing services work similarly, allowing you to upload a product for free and sell it on a forum or your website.

Printify (complete Printify analysis here, easy to confuse with Printful), Print Aura, and Gooten are the most common print alternatives that still deliver dropshipping. There are a few others, but there aren’t many drop shippers or printers in the series.

So you’re essentially creating a free account, developing your things, and then selling them on your website for free.

When you sell something on Printful, they benefit. The same can be said for the vendor from whom you’re buying. You choose a commodity to sell, and Printful has a suggested retail price.

Printful Review: Pros and Cons

Although Printful provides various services, resources, and software that are beneficial to their users, they are also working to enhance those faucets of their services. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using Printful as a drop shipping service provider.


  • Warehouses in the United States and Europe are readily available to these big consumer markets
  • Company model with a low-risk factor
  • Products of exceptional quality
  • Printing facilities that are of high quality
  • There are no minimum order requirements.
  • There are no subscription fees for using their service.
  • Shipping costs are clearly stated.
  • Customers get their orders within three days on average.
  • Branding choices that can be customized
  • Replacement shipments for goods that have been missing or compromised
  • There are many online resources available to help customers understand their goods and services.
  • With their eCommerce platform integrations, you can automate your company.


  • Only the apparel, accessories, and homeware divisions are included in their product line.
  • Dropshipped commodities have small profit margins.
  • While there are several branding choices, they are minimal (you cannot have your boxes, poly-mailers, tissue paper, or anything other than what they sell in terms of customizations).
  • Some products, such as framed posters and canvases, may not be available in all locations.

Our Final Printful Review Conclusion

When it comes to apparel, shoes, and homeware printing and distribution, Printful is regarded as one of the top drop shipping services. They also collaborate with their vendors to continually refine the goods and services they provide, whether it means bringing in new kinds of products or expanding the existing range. 

Many sellers chose to partner with them because of their commitment to providing high-quality goods and services while continually improving their software, infrastructure, and products. So all in all, we hope this Printful review showed just how high of a recommendation this tool receives from our team!

Still not sure about Printful quite yet? Check out our Printify review for an alternative option!

Building Your Drop Shipping Empire

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Printful so expensive?

Because of the low-profit margins associated with personalized printed products, Printful has gained a reputation as a costly on-demand print service. After reading this Printful review, it is evident that it is expensive because of its low-profit margins.

For example, if you sold a unisex printed t-shirt, you will spend $12.95 for it, sell it for $22.95, and make $10, indicating that you paid more than you earned. If you set it higher by raising the value of the merchandise, the base margin is $10 on other commodities.

Which is better Printify or Printful?

Printify has a faster option for merchants on the Advanced Shopify plan, so take the good with the negative. 

Printful has been named the winner. It has a dedicated website that explains the whole delivery and distribution process in detail. Foreign orders aren’t well-suited to Printify.

It will be easier for you to understand after reading this Printful review of why it is better than Printify. Though if you’re still wondering, check out this Printify review!

Is Printful good quality?

When it comes to apparel, shoes, and homeware printing and distribution, Printful is the finest dropshipping company. While they do not have an extensive product line, what they do have is excellent quality, and they ensure that the customer is happy throughout the entire process.

Does Printful have a monthly fee?

To get started with Printful, you can do so for free. There are no setup charges, no minimums, and no recurring payments. They will bill you for manufacturing and delivery after you place an order.

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