The BeyondSixFigures Farm Method – The Essential, Risk Free Facebook Ads Scale Map [Updated 2021]

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I present to you today, the long-awaited BeyondSixFigures Farm Method.

What’s going on guys and gals – JUSTIN HERE!! I wanted to send you this BSF Farm System walk-through to prepare you for the video walk-through I will soon be dropping…This is a proper scale map for you Ladies & Gents, so you can visualize & use our system to scale your business while not having to worry about trying random tactics that don’t work in conjunction with each other — micro budgeting, & big bang, is an integral part of the scale system as you will soon see.

The BeyondSixFigures Farm Method is a true SYSTEM that has been battle-tested for you in advance. I structure these systems with 4 things in mind:

  • Consistency
  • Infrastructure
  • Scalability

It’s important that you understand this to receive the full benefit of the BSF Farm Method – so please read entirely, and feel free to ask questions in the BeyondSixFigures Facebook group so you ensure your understanding is met.

Creating Consistency with the BSF Farm Method

The main thing that we look for in our businesses is consistency, and the best way we have discovered to achieve this from an ad perspective is actually to have a developed infrastructure. The way that the BSF Farm Method works, is by utilizing the data you have received, to create a CONSISTENT, low budget infrastructure, that remains pushing a return day by day with low CPPs.

Having lower budgets has shown us that Facebook often has much more consistency with the way fb chooses to spend, and the cost at which we are acquiring our sales on these specific ads. The magic behind the scenes is that we have the ability to utilize CBO. Think of the BSF Farm Method as a means to turn your horizontal consistency into a vertical high level scale with ease, AFTER you prove your audiences using the conjunction of strategies I have showcased over the last few months.

What do you mean by Micro-Budgeting & Big-Bang again?

LET’S REFRESH FOR A SECOND, and recap what “Micro-Budgeting & Big-Bang” is so you guys can understand my entire flow of the BSF Farm Method. The way that micro budgeting actually works is very similar to my original Big Bang method. Plus, the reason that we are now using $1.50 budgets instead of $5 across hundreds of ad sets is because we have not only seen much higher consistency and longevity with these ads, but we have also noticed that running this many ad sets across the board on low budgets is going to build you a consistent infrastructure which is CRUCIAL for branding.

We also noticed when creating the BSF Farm Method that these low-budget ad sets somewhat FORCE Facebook to give you INSANE ROAS, which of course leads to high-profit margins…

This mass 100-300 ad set infrastructure will also enable you to STAY CONSISTENT for months on end, instead of waking up with all of your ads plummeting, because of all your SINGLE ads that were on 1-10K budgets went into the shitter overnight… Micro Big Bang gives you more DIVERSITY, INSURANCE, CONSISTENCY, and more of a SAFETY NET – if you’re looking for CONSISTENT PROFITS, and not an ocean of an ad account that keeps you awake at night.

Am I saying I don’t run large campaigns and ad sets? Absolutely not, sometimes we have 5-15k ad sets running alongside this Big Bang… What I’m saying is that this Big Bang can be your backbone/infrastructure – because as a business owner, I like CONSISTENT & PREDICTABLE PROFITS! This is why I love the Big Bang Method AGAIN (Must have some SIGNIFICANT data, like 100-150 sales on one unit)!

Justin Woll, Creator of the BeyondSixFigures Farm Method

How to Implement the BSF Farm Method

When you’re first starting with the BeyondSixFigures Farm Method it’s important to make sure you have all customs created, past 180 days 1-5% LAA + 5 advanced options for all custom audience variants. MY % breakdown below…(I use 1,2,3,4,5, 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10%) (yes you may be running up to 180 ad sets or more at once) $1.50 Budget across the deck INSTEAD OF $5 to start, this will help you test the waters

  • 7 day click
  • All same post ID
  • 1 campaign
  • Top-performing ad creative & copy from previous ads
  • Prep for 7-10 days for next step.

On day 7-10ish I usually will go through the KPIs and kill the poorly performing ad sets, and then take all of them and launch them into a new campaign. (don’t bash it before you try it i’ve had REALLY good ads come from doing this)



Algorithmic Targeting is our BSF targeting system that allows us to have a much more firm grip on segmentation. Essentially, we’re breaking down each niche into 12 separate categories to help us better understand which “segment” of our own market is enjoying the product/offer at hand (Magazine lovers, TV show lovers, etc, we segment all different types of keyword).

We will ride this targeting sheet as our first tool used to get us to 100 purchase fires, along with the 5x duplication rule, which calls for a 5x duplication of all ad sets with positive ROAS during the first 3 days of testing each Algorithmic Targeting ad set on a $5 budget.


Let’s DIG DEEP… Now that you have 100 sales, we can really get to business…The initial start for this strategy will take place after around 100 sales on your item – it’s a great place to start the Farm Method. Upon reaching 100-150 sales on your one unit, you may begin to utilize your LAA data more effectively to create a Micro-Big Bang using the MBB walkthrough above. Following the 5-10 day slow cook, you want to gauge the profitability of your ad sets.

We then, begin leaning out anything that is not converting profitably at this point, BUT do not just throw them out, anything that is below profitable ROAS, KILL – but also note which audience it is you are killing, down the road well be re launching these to give them a “last chance” as you can almost always squeeze some hidden winning audiences out of a pool of losing ad sets, which i’ll explain shortly.


The following step, after you have LEANED out (killed unprofitable ad sets after slow cook) your first micro budgeting campaign, and realize that it has done well, and is only actively running the profitable audiences, you will then duplicate the entire campaign into another campaign. Everything will remain the same except for your budget, which at this point will be changed to $5 on each ad set, essentially moving the top performers into a new campaign, BUT now, instead of a $1.50 budget per ad set, we now have $5 on all proven audiences.

– 2 campaigns running, 1 MBB, 1BB.SO – we currently have our leaned out MBB running, AS WELL as our newer “leaned out” campaign with (Big Bang Style) $5 audiences running. (No you won’t be bidding against yourself to the point where it will affect you, you are running mass amounts of small budgets across many audiences, ranging from 1M – 20M, your frequency will not be high to the point where it will affect you.) At this point in time we are doing a few things…

1 – Riding out our proven “leaned out” MBB campaign.
2 – Riding out our duplicated (BB Style, $5 ad set) campaign, with the proven MBB audiences running within (You will be following 3 day rule to kill these ad sets ONLY)
3 Day Rule is as follows:
Day 1 = NO Content View = KILL
Day 2 = NO Add To Cart = KILL
Day 3 = NO Purchase = KILL

We will follow this structure for killing our $5 ad sets, as you should be killing as follows, as well as noticing the ad sets that are performing the best. Following the last step, what you want to do now, is re launch our previously killed audiences into a new campaign on $1.50 budgets each, you will let each ad set reach $8-$15 in spend, before determining if you should kill or not, even if you have a high priced item. I would recommend still trying this as you’ll be running a good amount of audiences, to the point where, even though your only spending $1.50, you’ll still be pushing a great deal of traffic as those add up.

You will then kill the NON performers who do NOT have a Purchase after ~ $15 spent on each ad set.


IMPORTANT → often times, you will notice after a few weeks, even sometimes months, the Micro Big Bang, or Big bang, will slowly but surely begin to DIP down in ROAS, instead of panicking, what you do here is REVIVE THE CAMPAIGNS! → in order to go ahead and almost “refresh” the results for these campaigns, you’re going to want to take a look at the ROAS, if after some time, you feel as if your campaign is getting fatigued, as they did well initially, but now, they are starting to tank, that indicates you will begin to revive.

The revive, is also known as, re creating the custom audiences, either on a different “past # of days” or just deleting initial customs and re-creating them. To save time at first, try past 90 days, instead of the initial 180 days like we did – and begin the same exact walk through for these new campaigns as the original. You can also try the other option of deleting the initial 180 day customs, so you may run another 180 day micro big bang.


Justin Woll, Creator of the BSF Farm Method


At this point, what you now have is a massive infrastructure, or what I like to call, “FARM”, of healthy running audiences, that are very plentiful, and ready to be scaled horizontally & vertically. You will notice that these campaigns, and the return of them, at this point, should remain very consistent – this will be where you start sourcing your “fuel” for your larger horizontal campaigns (Manual Bid, CBO, Large Budget ABO) At this point, you have to choose whether you want to scale with CBO, or with Manual Bidding.

In the BSF Farm Method, I recommend starting off with CBO, as we’ve seen more longevity with our CBO’s than we do for our manual bidding, BUT if/when CBO does well, it can be smart to try Manual bidding out after, SO I will recap the walk through for manual bidding, underneath this CBO walkthrough.

Once you decide to move forward with CBO, what you want to do is the following… Take your top 5-8 most PROFITABLE audiences, along with the most spend from your initial farm campaigns (MBB + BB), and move them into a $150 CBO campaign, yes, an entirely new campaign.

What we did, was not only build a STRONG infrastructure for you to run your business day to day without having to worry about too much inconsistency, but the mass amount of low budget ads will keep your sales coming in at a manageable rate as you attempt to scale to higher volume, the key to this game is consistency, and that is exactly what the BSF Farm Method will allow us to do.

Once you have moved your top 5-8 audiences from your previous running campaigns into the CBO, you do NOT want to set any rules, you want the CBO to spend freely without having any minimum or maximum spend rules. Typically, when done properly, your CBO will begin to do very well since these audiences that we moved into the CBO are proven; you will notice that majority of the spend will be going to a 3-4 of the audiences and not so much the other few, that’s fine – let the ads actually spend their course to see where the spread is after 2-3 days.

Once you begin to see the TRUE roas of each individual ad set, you want to begin to LEAN out again. Which means, you will be TURNING OFF the ad sets inside the cbo that are NOT doing well while looking at ROAS. You will continue to increase the budget of the CBO by 20-30% each day that the CBO performs, this will keep the campaign growing, BUT you also want to keep an eye out for SLOWLY DECREASING ROAS as you cook the campaign…


THIS is where the BSF Farm Method will alllllll tie together ladies & gents…After a week or so, you may start to notice, or maybe you won’t, but often-times, the CBO will slowly but surely begin decreasing in ROAS! – THERE IS A FIX TO THIS! What I want y’all to do at this point, is to go look back at your MBB (Micro Big Bang), and BB (Big Bang) campaigns, and search for the NEXT “most successful” audiences from either FARM campaign. You will choose the top 2-3, and duplicate them into the existing CBO, this is what we call “food” or “fuel” for the CBO, just like a farm, you now need to feed the CBO like it is your first born goat, the decrease in ROAS shows it’s hungry, so FEED IT!!

Often times and usually by doing this – you will start to notice a positive increase in your CBO campaigns, that will give you the ability to continue to increase the budget, and cook for a substantial amount of time forward, until you notice another drop over a few days/weeks, in which you’ll begin to feed again and so on…

The magic of the BSF Farm Method here is that you can often run 2-3 CBOs at once, using ALL of the proven audiences you now have from a lot your BB, & MBB campaigns being constantly cooked. SO if the first CBO does well, rinse and repeat to create a few more, this will create a massively consistent scale for you if you’re at this point. IF – you’re passed all of the previous, and are doing well, and would love to take it up one more notch, you will want to give Manual Bidding a shot now.

I will recap and list the Manual Bid setup section of the BeyondSixFigures Farm Method below.


AFTER you have been running your CBO profitably as well as your plethora of Micro Big Bang, & Big Bang campaigns running, it’s now time to give Manual Bidding a shot to really sky-rocket things…(Lowest Cost –> Set Bid Cap) Manual Bidding walk through from top performing ad sets as follows…

Combine all ad set audiences with similar ROAS (from PREVIOUSLY BUILT FARM) into one audience for each ROAS KPI number ..
For example: (all ad set audiences with roas of 2-2.9 go in one ad set.. all ad sets with roas of 3-3.9 go in one ad set and so on..) for this manual bid strategy!

  • Budget TO START: $1000
  • Optimal Audience Size: 5M-20M
  • Bid: 1.5x your average auto cpp to start, and you will be slowing increasing bid until it is spending fluently…

If you have an ad set that is already profitable and doing well, edit the budget of this ad set and use it as the base for the new ad set, this way you will be utilizing the data that you have already collected inside that ad.. You’ll just have to change the budget and the bid type. (If your not comfortable editing go ahead and duplicate in place of edit)

If it’s an automatic you change it to manual bid (Lowest cost —> SET BID CAP = MB) Adjust bid by $1 – $3 depending on how fast the budget is being spent.. This particular strategy literally has helped me really scale my revenue and profits over the course of only a few days.. Monitor bid every 5-30 minutes you will probably spend around 20 to 40% of the budget depending on how high you have the bid set! (100% of spend if the product TAKES OFF MASSIVELY, in which you will hopefully see a return with an optimal CPP)

Justin Woll, Creator of the BeyondSixFigures Farm Method


If this goes well, RINSE AND REPEAT — with the changing of the MB budget ONLY IF PROFITABLE AND YOU WANT TO INCREASE PURCHASE FLOW – EDIT – at midnight in the formation of 1k – 2500 – 5k – 8000 – 15000, ALL IN THE SAME AD SET day after day in the same order as shown above, starting with 1k.

At this point of the BeyondSixFigures Farm Method you should have your FARM running (All of your Micro Big Bangs, Big Bangs, etc) (Your CBO’s running as well as your Manual Bid) (Keep in mind you may still be running your Algorithmic Targeting Ad sets as well if they are still performing, this is our initial targeting strategy for those who don’t know)

With that being said ladies & gents, as you can see, we now have a place for every piece of the puzzle, the key here is understanding that your main window of consistency will be coming from your FARM Micro Big Bang, Big Bang, & CBO campaigns – which WILL be your backbone, and will also be giving you massive consistency while moving your brand/business further.

View the Complete BSF Farm Method Blueprint

I spent a lot of time buttoning this up, as well as testing & creating these strategies included in the BSF Farm Method in general, so ladies & gents I really hope you guys & gals get incredible value out of this, and are able to use it to generate more profits, and consistency in your business.

Talk soon,

Justin Woll

Founder of BeyondSixFigures

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