The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Shopwired 2022

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When it comes to ecommerce, having a trustworthy platform that is easy to use is a must. While technology is continually changing, it’s up to us to find the solution for meeting shopping needs for our businesses and for our customers.

Shopwierd has been called the UK spinoff of Spotify. It quickly rose to the top of ecommerce business in the UK region. It’s quickly clear to see why they have become so popular since 2013. But let’s dig a little deeper and figure out whether or not the hype is really worth it. Check out this complete review of Shopwired to learn more. 

What is Shopwired? 

Shopwired is an ecommerce platform that was designed in the UK. It takes a focus on the UK market, but it is available in other regions as well. This particular platform launched in 2013 and has been growing ever since. Since 2013, more than 8,500 websites have used Shopwired to launch their business. 

This ecommerce platform is listed as the UK’s best-rated platform. It’s a valuable platform for building an online store and reaching customers. 

shopwired website


Top Features

Understanding the features that Shopwired offers is key to determining whether you feel it’s a valuable resource. They do really have a lot of great features that make operating an ecommerce business much easier. 

Check out this highlight of some of their top features. 

Payment Options

When it comes to payment, you have so many things that you can offer your customers. Thanks to the versatility, there are a number of payment gateways that are compatible with Shopwired. If for some reason you already have a gateway in place, Shopwired will check into whether they can help you use your current source. 

These are the current gateways that Shopwired uses. 

  • Sagepay
  • Afterpay
  • Payment Sense
  • Nochex
  • Barclaycard
  • Elavon
  • Amazon Pay
  • Worldpay
  • Stripe
  • PayPal Express

This gives you resources to hopefully be able to integrate with systems you already have in place. 

Marketing Tools

The marketing tools and features that Shopwired offers are pretty heady. They give you a decent selection of choices and all of these can be useful for SEO purposes as well as other marketing adaptations. 

You can choose what appeals to you or you can use all of their marketing and SEO choices. 

If you want to use Google Shopping, they have a marketing Google Feed feature that can be helpful. You can also easily integrate MailChimp for all of your email marketing. You can use Shopwired to issue gift cards, rewards, discount codes, and notifications. 

If a customer added things to their cart and then abandoned it, they can get a notification about it. Customers waiting for something to come back in stock can be notified automatically when the product is restocked. You can also create sales and discounts on the site for your customers. 

In terms of SEO tools, you can enjoy customized metadata, blog content additions, sitemap generation, and URLs that are SEO-friendly. 

Tools for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is really all about supporting your online shop, right? That means that you need the tools that can help your shop to operate as it is meant to. Shopwired has several tools for ecommerce that can come in handy. Here are a few. 

  • Integrate with eBay: If you have an eBay store, you can integrate and manage it from here. 
  • Upselling: you can set Shopwired to automatically upsell specific products. When a customer looks at something or adds to their basket, they can see recommended or related products to that item. 
  • Currency Choices: You don’t have to be limited to selling in regions that use the same currency as you. With Shopwired, you can accept international forms of currency that includes US dollars and Euros so you can reach a larger realm. 
  • Customer Reviews: allow your customers to review products and leave that feedback for others visiting your website to see. Everyone likes to see reviews. 
  • Downloadable Products: Not every product has to be a physical item. Shopwired allows you to sell digital products as well as physical products. 
  • DropWired: DropWired is a special addition to Shopwired that allows you to dropship products using your dashboard. 
 Shopwired seo marketing tools


Reporting Tools

Finally, we want to touch on the reporting tools that Shopwired offers. Having reporting available so you can analyze the data and make changes is essential. Shopwired has several analytical tools that allow you to review store performance and find out what may or may not be working for your business on the platform. 

They have a number of tools available for their reporting. You can look at visitors and see when and how visitors are coming to your site. You can check out things that customers searched for but failed to find. 

You can review sales in different ways, including categories or specific products. You can break that down on a month-to-month basis or other terms as well. Check out your gross profits based on the site transactions. You can also look at payment methods and see what is being used more. 

You will find more options in the reporting tools but these ones we mentioned are specific to analyzing business success and practices. 

Shopwired Pricing 

ShopWired Pricing plans


Anyone can try Shopwired with a 14-day free trial. This is nice if you just want to get a feel for how the site works and figure out if you really think the tools will be valuable to you. They have several different pricing options. Each tier comes with different capabilities. 

Here is a quick breakdown. 

Shopwired Pro

The pro account is currently $29.95 when you get billed monthly. You can save a bit if you bill annually. The pro version gives you access to the basic tools to run your business. You can use 2 admin accounts and access all of the integration. You get some reports but not the advanced reports or priority support. Some of the apps, you will pay an additional fee to use. 

Shopwired Advanced

The advanced account is $59.95 per month. The additional price allows you to list unlimited products. You get several app uses without the extra fees and all of the integration capabilities too. You can have up to 5 admin accounts. On top of that, you get advanced reports, and you can use Zapier as well. 

Shopwired Premium

The premium option runs $119.95 when billed monthly. You get almost all of the bells and whistles on this option. Your admin accounts allowance jumps up to 15 admin accounts. You get to use the apps and integrations for no extra charge. You get all the same things as advanced but also get to add priority support and online sales up to $500,000 per year. 

Shopwired Enterprise

Finally, the Enterprise level is $199.95 a month. It has all the best features and then some. Take everything from pro, advanced, and premium. You definitely get those. You get unlimited turnover on admins as well. In addition, you add support engineers that can provide you with management optics to help you grow. You also get early access to any new features that come out. 

Getting Started with Shopwired

If you decide that Shopwired is the right choice or that you want to set the free trial, it’s pretty easy to get started. You will need to start by choosing the plan option that you want to try. From there, you will build your account and go through the process. 

Shopwired allows you to select a theme and then customize your site in whatever way works best for you. They also can potentially create a theme for you, but this will cost extra. The theme is the piece that sets the stage. This will be how the layout reads when the site is live. You can adjust and customize colors and looks a bit in each theme. 

Once you get your account set up, you will walk through building the site, setting up your checkout options, and eventually making your site live. 


While Shopwired could potentially have a few limitations in areas like the themes, it really has a lot to offer. The speed is good and you have a variety of options across the board. Overall, it’s a great platform for setting up an ecommerce site and it’s very user-friendly. Big names like Wowcher and EDF Energy are successfully using Shopwired, which tells us that it certainly works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Shopwired Do?

Shopwired provides you a platform to create an online business website and tools. It allows for ecommerce transactions. 

What are Shopwired Connect Apps? 

Shopwired has several apps and extensions available to their customers. This includes eBay integration, abandoned cart notices, blogging, branding, sales and discounts, stock notifications, and more. 

Can You Dropship with Shopwired? 

Yes, you can use DropWired, which is an integration tool that allows you to dropship. It’s no extra cost to use DropWired. 

Is Shopwired Down? 

Shopwired is up and running to our knowledge. They do occasionally have some downs or glitches and you can check those statuses on their status site if you experience issues. 

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