What “Facebook Banning Shoddy Products” Really Means for Online Entrepreneurs

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This article was originally posted on kivodaily.


I recently sat down with Justin Woll, owner of the Beyond Six Figures Facebook Group to talk about Facebook’s recent update and what it means for online advertisers. Here is what I learned.

Facebook is Going Through Some Changes

Facebooks algorithm, platform, and UI changes have been all the rage the past few months, Entrepreneurs from all over the globe are on the edge of their seats to see what will happen next with this social media monster. The recent update that has to do with “Facebook Banning Shoddy Products” has many people concerned when in reality, the premium business should be overjoyed. — misspelled ad copy, zero customer support, zero supplier relations, no tracking order follow-ups, awful video experience, low relevancy with targeting, and people straight not sending out orders are the ones that should be shaking in their boots.

Facebook talks about ad experience and reviews left on adverts, and how it will affect the scoring of businesses ads.

The Solution

Branding is a simple concept that contains core foundational components to enforce customer lifetime value and sustainability of income. IN OTHER WORDS… You must brand.

This approach I’m about to lay out for you is a lot more prideful and premium for lifetime stability. So if your a brand, or trying to create one, listen closely.

Branding is one of the “FUN” parts of e-Commerce, but can also be the demise of a business if not done properly.

What Facebook Wants

24/7 impeccable customer service is an absolute must for any brand trying to build sustainability on Facebooks watch, Facebook is really pushing for the user to have a nearly flawless experience no matter what action they are taking on the platform

It might also be a good idea to communicate regularly with your supplier if you are not already. Enforce that you expect nothing less than the best quality control on your shipments as possible. If your making a good amount of sales, so is your supplier, so contrary to popular belief; suppliers will usually be on your side here. We also recommend that you start building more of a personal relationship with your supplier, other than just business, studies show that those who build better relations with their suppliers are often going to get priority when it comes to shipments and quality control.

Shipping Times

Follow up with your shipping times…send the customer a follow-up email letting them know that you received their order and …


1 day later

Send an update email if your suppliers are running low on a specific SKU, and expected shipping time is 2 weeks or more…

“Due to the mass popularity & increase in demand of this product, it may take a few days longer for your gift to arrive, but do not worry; your order is being hand-packed with care & will arrive shortly! Feel free to reach out to us anytime; WE GOT YOUR BACK!”

What This Means

All in all, these new guidelines will get the sub-par marketer out of the market…In turn, fewer people = LOWER CPMS for those who are doing good business, and recognition to brands who do take pride in running a quality operation. Markets won’t be flooded with people who don’t take pride in their work.

Facebook suggests that businesses that cooperate with what is discussed above, will THRIVE because of they…

“Want to give them that opportunity.”
– Facebook

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