ZipBooks: The Ultimate 2021 Review of a Reasonably Priced Bookeeper Software

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Do you find it challenging to keep track of your bills, invoices, business reports, and all the accounting transactions and are looking for a strategic alternative to help you manage work with ease? Then you’re at the right place!

ZipBooks, an accounting software that launched in 2015, helps you with all these formalities by automatically simplifying these processes.  

It has been intelligently designed to reduce the complicated accounting terminology and its complexity by using automation.

With its unique designs, quick and effective customer care services, and outstanding marketing ideas, ZipBooks aims to give you a professional experience of having your data managed and up to date without having to work too hard for it.

ZipBooks - the best bookkeeper software


ZipBooks has a wide range of functions, is reasonably priced, and is regularly updated. These regular updates keep the software working efficiently and complete the job flawlessly. 

Not only does this bookkeeper software help with efficient record-keeping and tracking transactions, but it also aids in giving you a detailed report of your business’s actual revenue. 

This detailed reporting will also help you keep up with the profit margins, loss percentages, and net amount earned in a specific duration of time. You can also keep track of your business’s exponential growth or decline throughout a specific time period. This feature assists in tracking and monitoring your business’s goals. Plus, it also helps you remember to pay taxes so you can avoid unnecessary fees!

With the unlimited benefits of using this software accompanied by a long track record of years in business, ZipBooks offers all of these features at a very affordable rate. In addition, they provide multiple account options suitable for unique needs and requirements.

Keep reading to learn more in-depth insights into the unique features of this bookkeeper software. We will also review how you can use these features to enhance your business goals and increase professionalism in your work routine.

ZipBooks Features


ZipBooks accounting offers various services ranging from accountant access, bank connection, and auto-categorization to project accounting. 

Using ZipBooks, you can easily exchange information with the employees that assist you in your business’s behind-the-scenes work, whether it’s your finances manager or Human Resources department. This feature helps you exchange error-free information quickly and efficiently without any hassle to look for minor details and arrange them in a specific manner.

Not only will these features save you time, but they will also save you the energy of bothering about these little communication details.

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Suppose you are wondering about the formalities one needs to undergo while connecting your bank. This bookkeeper software makes this easy.  While making a bank connection with ZipBooks, there is no need for any paperwork or formalities. Many banking systems across the USA and Canada are already synchronized with the system. You will simply need to add in your details, select the account type, and you are good to go.

Moreover, the auto-categorization feature for expenses helps save time by using automated software to reduce the time spent inputting data in your bookkeeping process.

ZipBooks makes project accounting management with features that help track time and tag income and expenses. In addition, it keeps track of all the project tasks with the help of an automated calendar and systematically organizes team members, pending tasks, and deadlines.

ZipBooks Bookkeeping Records

This tool also helps manage and hold accurate records of employees working on certain tasks for a specific time. This maintains a record of payment due to hourly employees in coordination with the jobs they were assigned.

This impressive bookkeeper software also organizes reminders of payments due. You can alternatively utilize this feature to produce an overview of general revenue statistics over time. This allows you to plan a budget proposal efficiently based on the probability of more and less profitable months.

The asset and liability balance sheet provided will give you information about what you own and owe as well as what your company is worth. Records of income statements and taxes due delivered by this software may be of good use as well.

ZipBooks income statements


Billing and Invoicing Software

We all know that feedback that is both smart and timely is significant in making a business grow. As a business owner, we’re sure you are fully aware of the importance of a detailed and professional invoice, but do you know how to achieve that? With ZipBooks, you’ll receive an Invoice Quality Score based on a thorough evaluation to maintain clients and earn better.

This feature also lets you personalize the invoices. That way you can promote your own branding and customize the format to your liking.

Intelligent Data

Other than just providing you with professional reports based on facts and figures, this feature allows ZipBooks to provide well-researched data-driven information that goes beyond your business reports. 

It offers insights based on millions of data points to help you consider different ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to incorporate into your business.

Tracking expenses with ZipBooks

Expense Tracking

ZipBooks aids in making decisions regarding money investments, managing costs, and organizing data by using the following features:

  • Cost Control
  • Vendor Management
  • Expenses to be billed
  • Receipt Portal


This tool is user-friendly even for beginners who don’t have any knowledge of how to operate accounting software. Its professional and straightforward user guide helps one understand the complex accounting dynamics painlessly.

Here’s a list of just a few of the features that make this tool extremely user-friendly:

  • Creating and customizing profiles
  • Smooth navigation
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Reasonable assistance provided by customer care
  • Color-coded reports and statements that are easier to comprehend.

Customer Support

This bookkeeper software is heavily relied on because of its extraordinary customer care that is both quick and reliable.

No matter how much traffic or inquiries, they always reach out to the client within an hour, which is commendable for a large company. They guide you by all means and help you understand how to use the software to receive the utmost benefits of the subscription.

These are how you can get in contact with a customer care representative of ZipBooks.

  • ZipBook Phone support
  • Company Email
  • Detailed explanatory videos on YouTube
  • Website/Blog
  • FAQ section
  • Chat Feature

ZipBooks pricing for bookkeeping

ZipBooks Pricing

Currently, ZipBooks provides three price options, including one that is entirely free and a personalized plan. A monthly payment plan is available, and you may cancel your subscription at any point in time. 

  • Starter plan – $0/month, 1 user, and basic features.
  • Smarter plan- $15/month, up to 5 users with advanced features.
  • Sophisticated plan- $.$35/month, unlimited users accompanied by class tracking.

Lucky for you, all programs provide a free 30-day trial that give you the chance to check them out before you buy!

ZipBooks vs Wave: Which one is suitable for eCommerce professionals?

In ZipBooks, small company owners may handle their bookkeeping and accounting chores in a convenient, user-friendly fashion. ZipBooks provides a free plan and two fee-based options for sole entrepreneurs and small companies. Wave is another bookkeeper software that offers similar features and is a typical comparison point.

There are capabilities in ZipBooks that assist basic income and spending management, including handling many suppliers and customers and the ability to send an unlimited number of invoices. Additionally, it is entirely free to access the basic features while there are reasonably priced premium levels to access more advanced functions. 

However, while analyzing the features offered by both of these tools, ZipBooks and Wave have many of the same capabilities. That’s why we needed to take a part of this article to take a look at the differences of  Wave vs ZipBooks. The main difference being that ZipBooks features time tracking capabilities and project management tools which Wave does not. 

As far as pricing and fees, ZipBooks provides a free beginning plan and three premium plans that start at $15 per month.  On the contrary, Wave is entirely free but does charge extra for credit card and payroll processing. It also does not provide several special features already included for free with ZipBooks.

It is important to note though that the account setup and installation process for Wave is much more user-friendly compared to ZipBooks. However, ZipBooks has the edge over Wave due to its helpful customer care services available almost 24/7. For any new business owner, you know that customer service can be a complete game-changer.

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In Conclusion…

While Comparing Wave vs ZipBooks, we found out that ZipBooks does provide better features at a very affordable price point!

Honestly, everything about ZipBooks is impressive! From the stellar features to the incredible customer service, this is an extremely well-rounded bookkeeper software for any eCommerce business owner.

Our ending recommendation is that users try out this software by beginning with the Starter account to get to know the tool. Once adjusted, you can move to the ZipBook Smarter account to grow your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZipBooks used for?

It is accounting software designed to simultaneously meet the accounting and bookkeeping requirements of small company owners and freelancers.

Is ZipBooks free?

The following ZipBooks services are available for free: billing and bookkeeping, contact management, review collection and publication, and simple reporting. However, to access premium and advanced features, payment is necessary.

Is there an app for ZipBooks?

Yes, on mobile devices, ZipBooks is accessible as a mobile app. However, it can only be downloaded and used by an iOS device user. As of now, the app is not available for android users.

Where is ZipBooks located?

They are located in the United States of America. ZipBooks has its headquarters in the state of Utah at 483 West 50 North in American Fork (84003).

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    I worked on ZipBooks back before it was acquired by Divvy. I’m really happy to see it going strong!

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